Testnet and nodes: what are they and how to make money on them?


blockchain nodes

All projects that are launched must be thoroughly checked and tested for defects. Standard projects are tested by special testers. In the cryptocurrency department, these testers are future clients who will help find problems in the program under heavy load. To get a testnet bitcoin you need to learn programming pretty well.

A project that runs in testnet mode is in beta, undergoing active testing by users. At the end of this period, there is planning for the release of the product in mainnetu mode.

What are testnetworks in cryptocurrency?

For the cryptocurrency environment, a testnet is a number of tests that are intended to run tests over a beta or preliminary version of a program, without using the actual cryptocurrency.

To the question bitcoin testnet what is it, there is a very simple answer. It is some kind of system that is based on the principles of sharing between users. Developers for testing purposes give out testnet coins to test the functionality and performance of the program for the upcoming launch.

Testnets are beneficial for both users and projects:

  • testnet projects are helped to conduct basic testing without much cost and effort;
  • after the project launch, the team thanks testers for their help in project development;
  • projects can immediately announce rewards to test participants, or do not remember about it.

Testnet crypto is divided into:

  • nodes;
  • regular network testing;
  • content-making (contests that are responsible for creating different types of content from memes to infographics);
  • code-level testing (only programmers can participate here).

What are nodes and how are they related to testnet?

Before you start earning money, it’s important to understand what nodes are. Nodes are points or nodes in which various data are created, transmitted, received. But what are nodes in cryptocurrency. They are devices that are connected to the blockchain network. This is an important element in the functioning of POS networks.

They are placed in structures called binary trees. Nodes in the blockchain have their own nodes that support transaction records of a particular token.

This type of testing usually involves people who are good at programming. The development team usually rewards such testers.

For example, you can buy nodes on pirate bases, but where to give the nodes. You can surrender to the ranger center or exchange for other useful programs to earn in cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency testnet

Which nodes to put and how to install them?

Before raising nodes, you need to sort out what they are. According to their functionality, nodes are divided into:


Complete. Contains information about each block since its appearance on the platform. To process a large amount of data require a lot of computing power. Must always be connected to the network, because after disconnection the archive data become irrelevant. Keep track of transactions, in case of violations do not carry out the transaction, blocking it that helps to keep the network safe.


Simple. By the way, it is a cryptocurrency wallet, in which a part of the block chain is uploaded to mobile proxy servers. Not responsible for the correctness and legality of transactions.


Masternodes (it is important to note that testnet bitcoin does not have such nodes, but they can be found in networks with a special structure, for example, in cryptocurrency exchanges NEM, Syscoin, Dash). Responsible for anonymity because they are engaged in accounting transactions. They divide transactions into many parts and send them through different users. A deposit is required at startup.


Nodes of mining. Proof-of-Work mode of operation. Where the point is to solve what the blockchain puts up. Once the problem is solved, a unique hash code appears. This code is sent to special nodes for matching. They in turn check the code to see if it will solve the task. The code can then be inserted into the blockchain to receive a reward.


Nodes of betting. Proof-of-Stake mode of operation. If you possess a certain amount of cryptocurrency, you can get a reward. There is also verification of blocks that have been recently created and verification of transactions.

Crypto node installation:

  • Rent a server
  • Connect
  • Install the node. Here it is important to remember that each is installed differently. Some can be installed by yourself without special skills, some require openvpn installation, but the most complex ones require the help of a person who knows programming almost perfectly.
  • Regularly check for errors
  • Do not forget to pay for the server.

After that, you can use nodes how to earn. The main thing to remember is that after buying a virtual server and performing tasks you need to wait for the end of testing to get the reward. Although in some cases developers can close earlier, in case all tasks have been completed.

How much can I earn on testnet?

There is no right answer to this question, because it all depends on the type of project. The more the team collects during the funding round, the more generous the reward will be distributed. There are also projects that can only reward users with OG roles in Discord. In general, you can make money on testing, but it is important to note that such testnets appear once every few months with a very large competition.


This is a hub that is used for networking. It also has an isolated capital that is on different networks. Though the cost is less than 1 dollar but it is increasing day by day.


Not available on all platforms. A messaging protocol that preserves privacy and decentralize the network with stimulus economy. The network is easy to join and manage. Approximate price tag of $85 million dollars.

Aave V2

A protocol that lends cryptoassets and uses variable and stable interest rates. Works on the interaction between borrowers and lenders. Approximate price of $125.


Works to support NFT, which in turn is becoming very popular. Can handle a large number of transactions per second. The price is almost 200 dollars.

Can earning on nodes and testnet become the main source of income?

It is possible to earn on cryptocurrency, but you need to take into account that the lack of stable income at the beginning of the path, can lead to great disappointment. After all, the money for the servers was stacked, and there is no income. But after six months of labor and good work with the help of cryptocurrency can well increase your income. Also the interest should be not only in earning, but also in their own development. If developers see that there is a real interest, then work and decent pay will always be.

It is important to take part even in those testnets in which the award is not expected. After all, with their help you can get experience that will later help to cope with the most profitable projects. In addition, in cryptocurrency work on 20 free projects can compensate even 1 testnet cryptocurrency, which is rewarded with a large amount of money.

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