What is a Shadowsocks proxy



Shadowsocks is a free system for encrypting a user’s IP address. It is a proxy server, which is responsible for anonymity and security while visiting a website. In addition, it is actively used in regions where many sites are censored.

The main advantages of proxy Shadowsocks are the speed of data processing and reliable encryption. The algorithm can be chosen independently. Additionally, it can interact with VPN programs, providing the following benefits

Basic parameters of the Shadowsocks proxy

What is a shadowsocks proxy? It is a server that is intermediate and located autonomously. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • A variety of methods of encrypting information, thanks to which the user can choose the most appropriate method for individual needs.
  • Characterized by greater performance and efficiency than VPN services, as it consumes much less resources and does not delay processes.
  • Works with applications that support SOCKS5.
  • The server is open to improvements and is constantly populated with updated data for a successful and fast account and user experience.

Shadowsocks is an excellent solution for those who want to visit Internet resources in free access, as well as with security for their own account.

how shadowsocks proxy works

How Shadowsocks work

Proxy servers work on a simple principle. The user enters a domain name into the search box. It necessarily passes through the DNS server to recognize the IP address. Next, it gets to the Shadowsocks proxy server and is processed. The program encrypts the user’s data so that he or she can enter the required resource without hindrance and still remain anonymous. As a result of the exchange, the user gets access to the site.

What is the best thing about Shadowsocks proxy compared to a regular VPN?

Compared to a VPN program, a proxy server is faster and more efficient. Shadowsocks bypasses blockages and restrictions more easily by swapping traffic. Thus it becomes less visible to detection and filtering programs. The user becomes literally invisible. The choice between the two services depends on individual needs.

How to set up Shadowsocks proxy?

Before you can use Shadowsocks, you need to configure the program. The basic steps to configure it are:


The first step is to install the app or program on your device.


The provider provides connection data. These include IP address, port, password and encryption method.


Next, the installed application needs to be opened and all login details need to be entered, as well as activation.


The settings should be saved and the button to start the connection should be pressed.


If all steps, including configuration, have been performed correctly, the user is connected to Shadowsocks. It is recommended to pay attention to private mobile proxies that effectively encrypt data and replace traffic.

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