Residential proxy servers for residential use – an explanation


what are residential resident proxies

Security on the Internet is fundamentally important. If you treat this issue negligently, you may lose important data, become the cause of commercial information leakage, and reduce the quality of your work. The modern solution to the problem is proxies. If you want to understand what residential proxies are and whether you need such a service, you have come to the right place. We will tell you about the principles of work, purpose and choice of proxies.

What are resident residential proxies?

A residential proxy server is a method of protecting users by creating an anonymous environment for using the Internet. It allows unhindered data collection, parsing of sites, and bypassing geo-blocking. Your IP will be tied to the real place, and will not cause the system doubts. This is especially relevant when conducting market research, conducting SEO and providing any content.

Principle of operation of resident proxy servers

To understand how residential resident proxy servers work it is enough to imagine a kind of intermediary, which anonymously supplies the user’s request to online services. The proxy receives any of your requests and delivers it to the site on behalf of another IP address whose existence is not in doubt.

Due to the unique principle of communication, such an “intermediary” is almost impossible to find and block. It also maintains a high speed connection to the Internet.

What are resident proxy servers used for?

Correct application of resident proxies in residential areas will help to resolve many issues. This is a set of procedures aimed at creating an anonymous environment. In particular:


High reliability due to IP address rotation. Each new request is sent using a new address.


One of the main challenges is ensuring anonymity. The resident system uses different addresses, which makes it much harder for sites to determine the true location.


Geotargeting allows you to quickly access blocked sites and content in the country where the subscriber is located. It also allows you to use the entire Internet resource of the country where it is registered directly.


Performing page parsing will allow you to retrieve data by bypassing established security measures.


Private mobile proxies give you freedom on the Internet where they try to restrict it. You will no longer be dependent on the political and economic decisions of the state and website owners.

Proxies are used not only by individuals, but also by companies of different sizes. They help to clean site pages, collect data necessary for advertising, conduct effective market research. This significantly expands the opportunities of a brand in its online establishment and business.

use of resident proxies in residential premises

Advantages of using residential proxy servers

Based on the purpose and principles of operation, we can highlight some of the benefits of residential proxy servers.

  • Increased security. It is much more difficult to hack a site or a database that is not tied to an open IP address.
  • The service provides a direct connection to your ISP, which greatly increases the speed of your internet connection. You will not notice the load on the network, delays.
  • Opening new horizons in the use or exploration of Internet resources. The user can get content, goods or services that are available in separate parts of the world. With a single manipulation, private users or large companies get real freedom.
  • The connection with real devices, enables resident proxies to gain more privacy than with classical address hiding methods.

This is a new branch in the development of already familiar VPNs or classic proxies. You get much more by using modern techniques to bypass bans and are one step ahead of hackers looking to get hold of company information.

Disadvantages of residential proxy servers

Despite all the advantages, before using residential proxies, it is worth learning about their disadvantages.

  • High cost. If for business the price of the system is always justified, then for home use it may seem high.
  • It may not be easy to get the desired technology. Not many companies are willing to provide such a service. Even today, you won’t find it in some very developed countries.
  • For home use, requests go through existing ISP networks. This can slow down access to foreign sites.

Home use makes sense if the Internet is part of your job, it is especially important for you to keep your data secure and you need to access resources blocked in the country on a regular basis.

How to choose the right proxy server provider?

As we have already mentioned, it is quite difficult to get this technology. However, you can get some very tempting offers on the domestic market. At this point, it is important to make an informed choice to get the maximum benefit at the minimum cost.

To do so, study just 4 aspects that have an impact on your choice:


Identify your needs. Only by defining the scope of your problem can you find the right solution. What is really important to you? Perhaps you just want to protect your data, or you prioritize access to foreign blocked resources. This will help you choose the most appropriate system.


Calculate your budget, and match it to your needs. Some proxies may cost you a few dollars a month, while others may cost you several hundred.


Choose a provider with high speeds, otherwise your online activities may be significantly slowed down. This will not affect the experience of the average user, but for companies or remote workers, it is a significant factor.


Research providers. It is important to choose a reliable provider who has experience in professionally solving complex problems. You can study implemented cases, read reviews of their activities, analyze the company’s reputation and its formation.


Resident systems are not always the best solution for a living space. Mobile proxy servers are a budget-friendly and effective alternative. They have the potential to cover all user needs. In addition, this solution is less costly, which is important for a private individual. Contact the company’s specialists to get consultation and selection of an individual solution.

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