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Nowadays, social networks are in demand not only for socializing and finding people, but also for promoting your own business with the help of advertising. To improve efficiency and effectiveness, there is such a process as account farming. Under this concept should be understood as the creation of a group of profiles in social networks Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and others for subsequent active use. Therefore, let’s consider what account farming is and how to work with it correctly.

Account farming – what is the essence?

Account farming means the creation of non-existent profiles in social networks for their subsequent use for advertising. The basic task is to create a complete analog that is identical up to the page of a real person. Here everything possible is done to ensure that the system perceives them as real. If there is even a minimal suspicion of the reality, at a specific time there will be a restriction on violations. The main advantage of this process is the likelihood of gaining trust in social networks. This will be reflected on:

lifetime – the trustworthiness of the account will depend on the period of time that the system needs to recognize violations;
spending limits – those profiles that are warmed up have a chance to spend several hundred dollars;
moderation – since trust accounts are often handled by bots, this process will be several times faster.

But before you perform farming of accounts, it is worthwhile to understand what is needed for this and what technologies are used.

What is needed for farming?

Before engaging in the process of farming, let’s familiarize ourselves with what tools are needed for this. Among them stand out the following:

  • email addresses;
  • cell phone numbers;
  • antidetect browsers;
  • proxies.

First of all, it is important to take care to purchase a verified proxy. There is often a question related to why proxies are needed in account farming. Here it is important to remember that through their use, complete anonymity and security is guaranteed.

What are proxies?

Before choosing a proxy for farming accounts, it is worth understanding what it is. This is a special intermediary on the Internet, through which traffic is forcibly transferred between the target servers and the computer of a particular user. They are used in order to bypass blocking or restrictions, as well as for their own safety and anonymity. The use of such proxy servers in account farming is necessary in order to spoof or disguise the real IP address.

Proxy for account farming

Asking the question about which proxy to choose for farming accounts, let’s initially understand the existing options available for use. It is important to remember that among themselves they differ in many criteria and technical characteristics. But when choosing them, it is important to look at such points:

  • level of anonymity;
  • the protocol used to transfer information;
  • the type of IP address used.

The most important attribute in this case will be the protocol for data transmission in the network. According to this criterion, the following varieties of proxy servers are distinguished:

  • HTTP;
  • HTTPS;
  • SOCKS.

HTTP variants used to belong to the category of the most popular ones. Now it is not recommended to use them, as there is no protection of information from reading and interception. A separate kind of HTTPS servers are distinguished here, in which a secure SSL protocol is already applied, with the help of which a safe and secure connection is created between a technical device and a person. Since they were originally created for browser traffic, it is not recommended to use them for downloading files using Torrent. If you select a universal and popular protocol, then it is worth paying attention to SOCKS. In them, the information comes directly from the user’s device without distorting the headers. By default, they are considered highly anonymous, universal and advanced. They handle any kind of traffic, regardless of what programs they come from.

If one chooses proxies according to their level of anonymity, the options are:

  • transparent;
  • anonymous;
  • elite;
  • distorting.

Non-anonymous proxies immediately transfer information from the real IP address to the target server. With the help of anonymous variants the real address is substituted or masked, but the process of using proxy is not hidden. The peculiarity of elite variants is that they not only mask the address, but also give a chance to find out that a person is using a proxy. With the help of distorting variants a false address is transmitted to the target server, but the fact of proxy use is not hidden.

When choosing a proxy it is also worth paying attention to the fact that there are resident or server variants. Server proxy belongs to the category of ordinary servers located in the data center and is considered reliable, fast and stable. But when it is used it is detected rather quickly, because the IP addresses used belong not to providers, but directly to data centers. Resident variants are considered more reliable, whose IP addresses do not differ from those used by clients on the Internet. They work slower and have an order of magnitude higher cost compared to the usual variants.

Special attention should be paid to rotational proxies. Their peculiarity is that they change the address independently after a set period of time, which is prescribed in the settings. Among the varieties of resident types, it is worth highlighting private mobile proxies. They use exactly the same IP-addresses that are used by cellular operators. Most often such varieties are used when farming accounts from tablets and smartphones, but they are expensive, so they are not profitable.

Separately distinguish open and private proxies. Open variants are provided for free use without a password. The peculiarity of private ones is that access to them is closed through the use of a password. Most often such varieties are specifically used by companies. At the same time, private variants are conditionally divided into shared and dedicated ones. A dedicated proxy is the property of a particular user, while shared proxies allow several users to work simultaneously.

proxy for farming social media accounts

How to farm accounts for social networks?

Asking the question of how to use proxies in the process of farming in social networks, it is important to understand the subtleties of this process. Before you start, it is important to think about what the profiles you create may be in the future. Here it is necessary to decide in advance, on which phone registration will be performed, what data will be published, what pictures will be used and other small details. To avoid confusion, you can make a table for yourself, in which to enter all the necessary data for further work. After selecting all the tools and consumables, you can proceed directly to farming.

Initially there is registration of accounts according to a certain algorithm.


In an anti-detect browser, a tab is created that will have a unique fingerprint of the user. It is important to customize the time and date to match the geo-location.


For each tab is necessarily filled with cookies. To do this, it is enough to visit various online stores on which it is actively used. About 20-30 sites will be enough here. The main thing is that they should be diverse so that the system does not identify a pattern.


Using the number for each tab, it’s worthwhile to do a Gmail mail signup.


Next, you can proceed to register social media accounts with partial publication of basic information. It is enough to create a cover, publish a few photos and a small amount of information.


You should definitely change your IP address for each tab and don’t forget to do so.


After the required number of profiles are registered, you can leave them for 1 day. From the next day the pharming will start, the duration of which is about several weeks. On each profile during the pharming it is necessary to perform the following processes:

  • without regularity in a random order you need to fill in the fields;
  • to raise social activity is worth subscribing to different communities;
  • it is important to collect friend requests, after which they can be periodically deleted or added;
  • you should leave comments and likes in communities;
  • it is important to reply to the messages of those friends who have been added;
  • it is worth publishing prepared images and photos;
  • for the network to see activity, you should visit different sites and stores;
  • so that the activity does not seem too high, you can visit your profile every other day.

You need to be creative, active and fully behave like the most ordinary social network user.

Where to get reliable proxies for farming?

If there is a need to buy the best proxies for farming in social networks, it is recommended to use the offers presented by our company LTE Socks. Among the undeniable advantages we can highlight:

  • providing reliable and clean IP addresses;
  • ensuring maximum anonymity;
  • the possibility of receiving an unlimited number of IP addresses per channel;
  • use on mobile devices and other types of equipment;
  • absence of geographical binding;
  • affordable pricing policy for proxies.

Here on the official website of LTE Socks everyone will be able to choose for himself an effective, reliable and safe option, which will be subsequently used for active pharma.

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