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Resources for watching movies and TV series have always attracted the attention of users by providing free access to a wide range of content. However, when government agencies start blocking such sites due to copyright infringement, users are looking for ways to bypass these restrictions. In this article, let’s look at how to bypass the blocking of the popular website, which is facing access problems in Ukraine.

Ukraine banned a website for watching movies

Recently, access to the HDRezka resource, also known as, was banned in Ukraine. This move caused a sharp reaction from many users who are used to accessing a variety of content for free. The blocking sparked discussion on social media, where users expressed their displeasure that Rezka was down and shared methods to bypass the restrictions for Rezka.

  • Users’ reactions to HDRezka’s blocking. Users who found themselves cut off from a familiar and convenient source of entertainment began to actively discuss options for bypassing the blocking. Many commented on the unfairness of the ban, emphasizing that using HDRezka was a necessity for them due to the lack of access to alternative services or high subscription prices.
  • HDRezka’s reaction to the ban. The Rezka administration has also reacted to the blocking by taking various steps to keep their content available. One way is to create mirrors of their site, which allow users to bypass the restrictions and continue using the service.
    Available options on how to watch movies on Rezka

Along with the blocking of Rezka, there are new ways to bypass the restrictions and maintain access to your favorite movies and TV series.


Rezka mirror. The administration of HDRezka, realizing the inconvenience that may arise due to blocking, provides users with a mirror of its site. The mirror provides the same content and functionality as the main site, allowing users to continue using the service.


VPN to log in to Using a virtual private network (VPN) is becoming one of the most popular methods of bypassing blocking. A VPN masks your real IP address, allowing you to access blocked websites from any country. By installing a VPN and selecting a server in a non-blocked country, users can freely visit


Bypassing blocking with a proxy server. In conditions of blocked access to resources, the use of mobile proxy servers becomes an attractive alternative for users. Proxy servers act as intermediaries between the user and the target resource, masking the user’s real IP address and ensuring anonymity on the network.

bypass rezka blocking

What is a private mobile proxy?

Mobile proxies are servers that can be configured on mobile devices. They provide users with the ability to route their internet traffic through a remote server that changes their IP address. This allows you to bypass blockages, as outwardly, requests to resources look like they are coming from the proxy server rather than from the end user.

How does a private mobile proxy work to bypass blocking?

  • Hiding your real IP address: When using a mobile proxy, your real IP address is replaced by the IP address of the proxy. This allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and blockages because your requests look like they are coming from a different location.
  • Data Encryption: Some mobile proxies provide an extra layer of security with data encryption. This protects your traffic from eavesdropping and increases your online privacy.
  • Eliminating censorship: A fast mobile proxy allows users to bypass censorship such as blocking sites or services. This is especially useful in case of blockades imposed by government agencies or ISPs.

Advantages of using lte proxies to bypass blockages:

  • Anonymity: Users can remain anonymous online as their real IP address is hidden.
  • Security: Protecting data with encryption while transmitting through a proxy server increases the level of security.
  • Accessibility: The ability to bypass blockages and restrictions, allowing free access to blocked resources.
  • Geographic freedom: Users can choose servers in different countries, accessing geographically restricted content.

However, it should be noted that the use of mobile proxies may violate network usage policies and legal regulations, so users should be aware of their country’s laws and careful when choosing such services.

In conclusion, blocking access to resources may cause dissatisfaction among users, but there are various ways to circumvent these restrictions. However, it is worth remembering that using such methods may violate laws, and users should be careful not to break the rules and face negative consequences.

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