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Different arbitration situations often arise on betting websites due to the fact that bookmakers have different estimates of the probability of the outcome of a particular sporting event. Such coefficients are used to form a surebet situation, which for a player acts as a guarantee of winning regardless of the outcome of the game. Since bookmakers do not like to lose, they do everything to avoid such situations. That is why it is important to understand how betting arbitration works and consider other aspects related to it.

What are arbitrage bets?

Often, novice players who want to place their first bet in a betting shop have a question about what arbs are. It is important to remember that a surebet is a bet that is placed on 2 opposite outcomes of an event, which gives the user the opportunity to make a profit regardless of the overall outcome of the competition. This type of bet is based on the difference in coefficients. This is due to the fact that different bookmakers have different quotes.

Such arbitrage situations arise in the following circumstances:


The analytical department made a mistake;


One of the organizations made a mistake in updating the coefficients;


Capper made a competent calculation.


Therefore, surebetting is currently a suitable way to make guaranteed money.

The main advantages of arbitrage strategies

Despite the fact that the arbs strategy is quite popular, you should not forget that betting arbs pros and cons should be taken into account. Among the basic advantages are the following:

  • the player is guaranteed to win when placing a bet;
  • the probability of expanding betting options if you have accounts on the websites of different bookmakers and a good financial base for this;
  • a special scanner program can analyze and search for surebets instead of a player.


At the same time, there are negative aspects that are also worth considering:

  • if a bet is considered suspicious, it may not be accepted;
  • insignificance of the game due to the reduction of the maximum limit;
  • account blocking with the subsequent prohibition of replenishment of deposits and withdrawal of earned funds;
  • payouts are canceled, with an explanation that there was a technical failure in the system.

The player’s own inattention leads to the fact that he will suffer from his own actions.

How to choose events for arbitration?

In practice, beginners often wonder how to find a surebet. One of the first and most commonly used methods is to search for them manually. To do this, you need to monitor betting sites, look for the difference that appears in the quotes, and then calculate the surebet. This method is complicated and outdated. Given that such surebets can be not only double, a person will drown on the Internet in search of a suitable option. At the same time, there is a special surebet formula for independent calculations.

In those jurisdictions where there is no ban, special aggregators are actively used for the search. The peculiarity of their operation is that they automatically compare coefficients with each other. There is no need to register with such services. Moreover, they can be used to increase the limits used for placing bets.

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Risks and how to minimize them

According to the theory, the surebetting method should bring only profit to the bettor, but in fact, the possibility of facing big risks is not excluded. Among them are

  • human factor – a person may simply fail to keep track of the moment when it is advisable to place a bet and lose on it;
  • bet cancellation – the bookmaker may issue a refund, for example, when a technical error or failure occurs;
  • change of odds – this leads to the fact that the bettor simply does not have time to set all the levers of the surebet;
  • maximum limits – each bookmaker is able to set its own limit;
  • account blocking – if the bookmaker notices a surebetter, it will immediately block the account, as it equates them to fraudsters.

Therefore, every novice bettor should be careful and attentive when using surebets.

The best online resources for searching for surebets

You can search for surebets not only manually but also using online resources. Among the most popular are:

  • AllBestBets;
  • MySureBets;
  • SureBet;
  • BMBets;
  • OddStorm.

The list does not end there, because every bettor has the opportunity to choose the most convenient and suitable option for himself.

Proxy in the world of betting

Mobile proxies have recently become quite popular in the betting industry. Their demand is associated with the following advantages:

  • you can manage several accounts in one bookmaker at the same time;
  • servers are available around the clock;
  • data transfer is carried out at the highest speed;
  • the ability to bypass any restriction set by the bookmaker;
  • affordable price.

Therefore, for gamblers, using a proxy is the best solution.

Secrets of choosing the right proxy

To choose a suitable proxy, you need to follow some important recommendations.


It is important to look at reliability, speed, and pricing.


Selection of a suitable geolocation to ensure unlimited access to any resources.


Required protocol version.


Choosing a proxy version for mobile gadgets and desktop computers.


Guided by the above tips, you can choose a proxy option that will be a real find for those who enjoy gambling and placing bets in trusted bookmakers.


1. What is a fork in betting example?

A fork in betting is a situation in which a player bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event in different bookmaker’s offices in such a way as to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the event. An example of a fork: suppose one bookmaker has odds of 2.10 on the victory of team A, while another bookmaker has odds of 2.20 on the victory of team B. By distributing your bets correctly, you can ensure your winnings regardless of which team wins.

2. How do Fools work in a bookmaker’s office?
Forkers are punters who specialize in finding and using forks in betting arbitrage. They carefully analyze the odds offered by different betting shops and place bets in such a way that they can stay in a winning position in any case. This requires great attention to detail and quickness of action, as the odds can change.

3. How to find a fork in arbitrage betting?
To find a fork in arbitrage betting, a punter needs to follow a few steps:

  • Monitoring the odds in different bookmaker’s offices for the same event.
  • Using specialized programs and services that automatically find forks. These programs compare odds between multiple bookmakers and identify potentially profitable forks.
  • Calculating bets for each outcome of an event in such a way as to guarantee profit. This is usually done using special fork calculators.
  • Placing bets quickly, as the situation with forks can change due to fluctuating odds.

Using forks in betting requires care and experience, as many bookmaker’s offices do not welcome this practice and may limit the actions of players using this strategy.

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