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There are situations when emails do not reach their recipients. And in this case, the sender gets a lot of trouble, which is most often associated with the fact that the IP gets into the blacklist. Then the recipient will be able to see the letter only by entering the “Spam” folder. And from this situation is not insured by any company, even when senders send news on the subscriber base. There may be situations when the ip-address gets into the black list and completely exclude this situation is impossible, but you can minimize the risks. In order to understand how to remove an ip address from the blacklist it is necessary to know how it works and how to prevent such an unpleasant situation.

There are many companies that track addresses, carry out attacks and various fraudulent activities that allow them to add these addresses to their own blacklists. The person or company will then need to buy address verification for their visitors.

Variety of blacklists

An ip blacklist is a list of domains that are blocked due to suspicion of sending spam. It is needed to reduce the number of unwanted emails to users. There are two types of such lists which are based on:

  • Domains.
  • IP addresses.

And if they are blacklisted messages will not reach the recipients, because such a system uses different algorithms to identify spam messages. For example, if a mailing list regularly receives a lot of complaints about spam – then the delivery of emails to the inbox is reduced to zero.

Having sorted out what black list and ip quality is it is necessary to understand what should not be done in order to be blacklisted. There is an opinion that it is necessary to send letters not more than once a week. But this has no effect on the likelihood of getting into spam, because a big role is played by the quality of the letters that are sent. After all, interesting messages users will wait impatiently and will not send them to spam. It is very easy to get into a blacklisted database, but to get your domain or address out of it will be a little more difficult.

Special spam traps that are used by blacklists collect all the information about complaints to identify addresses and domains that send unwanted messages. Such traps are local e-mail addresses that can be scattered on different portals and forums in order to identify who is sending spam. Such addresses are divided into two categories:


Converted addresses that have been inactive for a year or more, causing various services to make them into spam traps.


A classic variant that is created specifically to identify spam mailings. They are often placed on popular sites.


It should be noted that all blacklists have different ways of figuring out who is sending spam. Almost all of them use some combination of traps. Blacklist operators have a very large network where they leave special e-mail addresses, track them and put them on their list. Any ip addresses or domains that illegally make unsolicited mailings. The blacklist operator can initiate adding an address to the Blacklist if there is an excessive flow of complaints about it. To avoid such a situation it is necessary to ensure mailing to only valid and active addresses, which the sender should collect himself.

how to remove ip address from blacklist

How IP quality increases the chances of bypassing blacklists

Each ip address has its own trust rating and if it is at a low level, there is a high probability that the mailing of messages will end up in the spam folder. It is necessary to use different addresses for different messages. This will help you not to lose touch with all your addresses when a Blacklisting situation occurs. Mailing should be done from a permanent IP with valid DNS reverse records directed to the domain.

New IP addresses may be considered by the system as a threat with an increased index. Since in this case there is no rating and emails from such addresses are checked especially carefully. All e-mails have a reputation, which consists of two parts: the domain and separately ip-address. If a person sends letters through a special service – he provides his domain and IP with high ratings. A lot of providers offer additional purchase services, where each person can link such an address with his domain and be responsible for it independently. Also private mobile proxies will help in this.

How to check your IP to see if it is blacklisted

Everyone who is interested in how to find out if an ip address is blocked, should know how to check the blocking of domains and ip addresses for blacklisting. It is necessary to refer to reputable servers such as SORBS, Spamcop, Spamhouse. They are designed to provide information about possible user complaints about spam.

Such portals provide users with the ability to quickly find out if their domain and server address is blacklisted. As a rule, they have lists in one base, and may charge a commission for information.

The main for methods that will help bypass the black list

The reasons for getting into blacklisting can be different. But it is necessary to take care to reduce the risk of being blacklisted. First of all, it is necessary to organize subscription of new users through double opt-in. In such cases, a person subscribes and starts receiving emails with an additional confirmation link. Thus, the emails do not get into “Spam” and increase the level of opens and clicks. They are also able to reduce unsubscribes and spam complaints. Not surprisingly, some subscribers may also lose interest in newsletters. If it has been noticed that the audience has stopped having any activity or complaining about spam – it is necessary to conduct some kind of campaign or company in order to reactivate subscribers. This will help to do the cleaning of the base. And those people who will continue not to open messages should be removed from the base, so that over time they do not affect the low delivery rate.

As stated earlier it is necessary to send mailings from different domains and addresses. Since if they are sent from the same resource deliverability can seriously deteriorate. Also, in order to reduce the number of complaints it is necessary to give people the opportunity to unsubscribe from mailings, just a few clicks. The unnecessary actions and searching for an unsubscribe link can lead people to start sending complaints.

What to do in cases of blacklisting

When an address is blacklisted, the user will first need to determine the reason. It is necessary to check all open rates, unsubscribes and spam complaints. Then it will be necessary to clean the address list from inactive people. Also, each blacklist has a question-and-answer section, which can spell out the reasons for blocking. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with it thoroughly so that all problems can be eliminated. Once they are identified and eliminated you will need to contact the technical support of the blacklist. They will need to provide information about what problem was eliminated and you will need to ask to remove the address or domain from the blacklist. But it should be noted that not all servers meet and in some cases all efforts may be in vain.

Users who want to send their mailings to be effective should constantly make sure that a high reputation is maintained. For this purpose, it is necessary to regularly check blacklists and analyze the indicators. It is very important to focus on content quality, monitor email settings and use trusted services for effective email marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of options that help to bypass spam but they are short-lived and sooner or later the mailing will still get spammed. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the basic rules so that all emails go to your inbox and addresses and domains are not blacklisted. It should be noted that no matter how useful and interesting a letter will be for a client, it is not insured from getting into the Blacklist. In some cases, it can even happen by mistake when the recipient wants to unsubscribe or hide the email. But if it happens all the time – it significantly increases the chances that the letter will be caught in spam and accordingly the ip-address of the sender will be sent to the blacklist.

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