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Bookmakers (like casinos) compete for customers by offering a variety of bonuses on their sites. This has provoked the emergence of a new “cohort” of hunters-bettors for bonuses. In this publication, we will tell you what bonushunting in bookmakers’ offices is. How do players actually try to make money on bonuses and how do the security services of bookmaker offices react to such behavior?

As for mobile proxy servers, they can be a great helper friend for any bonus hunter, as they allow you to hide your IP address.

What is Bonushunting?

Bonushunting is the practice of searching for and applying bonuses offered by online casinos, bookmakers, and other similar sites. This practice is accompanied by the use of different methods in order to obtain bonuses and maximize profits or minimize risks.

The hunt for incentive offers in BC has several reasons:


Receiving funds for betting. The bonus allows the player to get auxiliary funds without having to deposit money on the balance. This increases the chances of winning without the risk of losing your own funds.


Attracting the audience. Modern BCs provide different types of bonuses to attract potential customers for attracting friends.


Retention of existing users. Incentives are sometimes designed to retain existing customers and incentivize their activity on the platform. Loyalty programs and ongoing incentive gifts help retain players and keep them interested.


Attracting high stakes. Some bookmakers and online casinos provide special bonuses for people for their high stakes. This can be an incentive for “rich” players.


Competition in the market. Due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in the betting market, many bookmakers offer different types of bonuses to attract customers and stand out among other competitors.


However, players should remember that such activities are also associated with certain conditions and requirements of the BC. Therefore, it is necessary to be sure to carefully study the conditions associated with each type of offer before applying any bonuschanting strategies.

What types of bonuses are there?

Usually, BCs and casinos provide several types of bonuses that are especially attractive to bonushunters. Below you will find the most common types of such incentive offers, which can be found in almost every BC:

  • welcome bonus – offered to newcomers for creating an account on the BC site (free bet or first deposit bonus);
  • deposit bonus – BCs offer players bonuses for funding their gaming account (as a rule, it is a percentage of the amount of the first deposit, which is added to the balance as a prize);
  • free bet – this bonus is in the form of free bets on specific events or matches;
  • cashback – some BCs provide offers in the form of a refund of part of the lost funds;
  • bonuses under the loyalty program – it happens that BC provides incentives to its regular customers under the loyalty program, for example, bonuses for active participation in betting, increased odds and other privileges.

Each bookmaker’s office has its own terms of granting and using bonuses, so players should carefully study the terms and conditions associated with each type of such product before taking part in it.


How firms react to bonushunting

The reaction of betting shops to bonushunting can be different. Some betting shops may welcome bonushunters as customers who actively participate in the gaming process and may attract new players. However, other offices may take measures to combat bonushunting, such as setting limits on the application of bonus offers, imposing rules for receiving rewards, and tracking and blocking accounts that use certain bonushunting schemes.

It should be understood that such a desire to profit by obtaining certain incentives may violate the rules and conditions of the gaming sites, and lead to the blocking of the account or other negative consequences. Therefore, gamers should be careful when using bonuses and do not abuse bonuseshunting bets.

How mobile proxies increase the effectiveness of bonushunting

Many users have gotten to the point of applying mobile proxies in their hunt for “gifts”. First of all, this may be due to an attempt to bypass the limits imposed by the BC on receiving rewards, because they relate specifically to the client’s IP address. This means that the user will not be able to receive the bonus multiple times on the same IP address.

The use of mobile proxies in bonushunting gives players the opportunity to change their IP address. This way, it gives the impression that they are playing the game from different locations or different devices. This gives them a chance to bypass the bonus restrictions to some extent and take advantage of the same offer multiple times.

At the same time, the user should realize that if they decide to use the capabilities of mobile proxies to bypass the rules of a bookmaker or casino, such actions can be considered a violation of the terms of use and lead to account blocking (and sometimes even more negative consequences). In addition, some bookmakers have special systems to detect and block such attempts to cheat.

Thus, using mobile proxies in the hunt for bonuses can be risky and can lead to negative results, including account lockout and loss of access to account funds. Instead, players should pay attention to legitimate ways to get bonuses and follow the terms and conditions of a particular BC.

Anonymity in bonushunting with proxies

In order to understand how to wagering bonuses in BC, mobile proxy servers can also be used, because they provide a certain degree of anonymity, acting as an intermediary between the user’s device and the Internet resource (in this case, the betting company). This makes it possible to hide the real IP address of the player and his location, which makes it more difficult to track his actions and identify him as a specific user.

However, it is worth remembering that the anonymity provided by proxy servers is not absolute. Bookmakers may employ various methods to detect and block suspicious activity, including the use of proxy servers. In addition, some bookmakers may require additional identity verification when withdrawing funds, which may reduce the effectiveness of anonymity.

Thus, the pros and cons of bonushunting with the use of proxy servers for the user are obvious.

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