Proxy checker

IP address is 4 numbers from 0 to 255, separated by dots
HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 port, which is needed to connect to the proxy
Only necessary if you have private proxy
Only necessary if you have private proxy
Supports any input mask using virtually any delimiter

More about Proxy Checker Online

Proxy Checker Online is a service that can be used to check servers for operability. The tool allows you to establish their degree of anonymity, type, geolocation without involving additional software.

The service can:

  • – determine the speed, type of protocol;
  • – check server equipment in sixty-four streams;
  • – set the country of location.

Proxy checker collects information in a few seconds and gives the results in the form of a filtered list. It is a very convenient and fast testing tool that gives you a lot of information instantly.


Checking proxies for validity

To check the validity of servers, you need to:

  • – create a list of IPs in text or csv format;
  • – paste or upload it into the corresponding field of the service;
  • – filter the required analysis parameters in the window with check-boxes;
  • – check the box next to “Non-working”;
  • – press the “Start” button.

The test result appears in a couple of seconds. It can be saved in the format in which the list was entered.


Reasons to test proxies

Free proxy networks often have low speed and a short period of availability. Such minuses do not allow you to effectively perform complex and important tasks. Users face the question of buying paid server equipment, and this is an additional, not always justified cost.

The situation can be corrected by manually searching for non-working servers. However, this takes a lot of time, as you have to go through many variations. While the search is going on, faulty nodes can block access to the Internet and reveal the user’s IP. And this is unacceptable, as it results in blocking social network accounts and IP addresses. Problems are solved by proxy checker, which allows you to regularly check the speed and availability of servers. The tool will collect all information about them, test ports and select non-working options.


Why use LTESocks proxy checker service?

We offer a free proxy checker with unique features. It collects detailed data separately for each server, analyzes the information and selects only the necessary results. The service operates on powerful hardware and is able to process a huge number of requests simultaneously. Its algorithm is able to recognize all types of proxy.

You can conduct tests with our resource in the following ways:

  • – test with separate input of IP, port, nickname and password;
  • – test through a mask of servers with entering data about them through delimiters with a single line, login and password or IP address with port at the end.

Our customers can test proxy servers by order number. All procedures take a few seconds and the results are saved.

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