SIM hosting

Develop your business with SIM hosting!

In the international world, communication and cooperation have long ago crossed the borders of countries. In this regard, there is often a need to use SIM cards of foreign operators to conduct business (maintaining accounts of payment systems, online banks, social networks, messengers, software testing, etc.).
In such a case, roaming costs can be a significant part of the budget. In addition, the lifetime of a sim card in roaming is usually limited (from 3 to 6 months). After that, the sim card is blocked without the possibility of recovery, which means the loss of precious accounts.

To avoid this, it’s worth using sim cards in their “home” country. LTESocks has dozens of sites for renting GSM ports in different countries of the world. We offer placement of clients’ SIM cards on them.

Our GSM Gateway Rental or SIM Hosting service provides you with a platform to communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere and without restrictions. Your messages are delivered to all phone numbers, whether in DND mode or not. Messages received can be viewed on any mobile device, forwarded to any email address of your choice or integrated into your existing customer management system.

In addition, we are one of the few in the market to offer a unique service – in addition to receiving SMS, you will get access to the mobile internet of your SIM card within its tariff plan.

Advantages of our SIM hosting

1. Customers will be able to call your number from anywhere in the world without overpaying for roaming.

2. Auto Attendant (IVR voice menu) greets callers and provides a simple menu to reach the right person. This feature ensures that callers don’t waste time explaining their problem to the wrong person.

3. The system is equipped with an auto attendant (IVR menu) + transcribes the message itself and sends it to you via email within seconds. No call will be lost.

4. You can use the same number for outgoing calls – be it to your clients or colleagues. And, when you do so, api telephony hides your caller ID.


How does sim hosting work?

  1. We agree on hosting parameters: number of sim cards, country, term, range of services, tariff.
  2. You send sim cards.
  3. We place SIM cards in our equipment. Our SIM card placement sites have multi-level power and network infrastructure redundancy.
  4. We provide access to Personal Account and help you set up SMS reception and mobile internet.


SIM hosting allows you to send your messages to ALL phone numbers, regardless of their Do Not Disturb status. It also provides a platform for your customers to respond to your messages.

Who needs SIM hosting services!

The most important tool you will ever need as a business owner is communication. A business is useless if it can’t communicate and connect with its customers. Our GSM port rental or SIM hosting service fills this gap. Here is some of what SIM hosting can do for your business.

  • Deliver messages to phone numbers without restrictions
  • Provide a platform for automated two-way messaging
  • Attract new customers
  • Add text messaging capabilities to your business
  • Incorporate two-way text messaging into your existing communication model
  • Easily integrate with existing applications using our API
  • Create an autoresponder for all incoming messages
  • Route calls from your SIM card
  • Messages received can be forwarded to other phone numbers
  • Get access to mobile internet according to your SIM card tariff

Issues that SIM hosting will solve!

To speed up your business processes, our SIM hosting service has many features.

  • Receive SMS
  • SMS forwarding
  • SMS via API
  • SMSvoting
  • SMS connections
  • self-service via SMS
  • Improved Sender ID security
  • Mobile Internet access on any device
  • IP address of mobile operator’s country

Mobile number connection

To connect a number using SIM card hosting you need to register in our service, replenish your account in any convenient way for the amount required for GSM port rental, and then in case of using our number and availability, connect the desired number in your personal cabinet. If you want to connect your own number, transfer your SIM card to one of our offices and specify your login in the service.

In addition to SIM-hosting we offer a range of related services!

  • Assistance in buying SIM-cards
  • Assistance with account replenishment
  • Balance control, etc.
  • Any services at your request 🙂

Contact us to coordinate details and receive a quote