Top extensions for cleaning up data in Chrome


Chrome data cleansing extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and modern browsers. Millions of users from all over the world use it regularly when visiting various websites, promoting their online stores or publishing content. Despite Chrome’s already great functionality, additional extensions are available to users to simplify their browsing experience.

The Chrome Web Store offers numerous tools that are designed to perform a wide variety of tasks. We suggest taking a look at the most popular Chrome data cleaning extensions that will optimize your PC experience.

And if you are in search of effective methods to protect your data privacy, we suggest considering mobile private proxies. They provide secure encryption of users’ information from third parties. You can easily check proxies for performance with the help of special programs.

Criteria for choosing data cleaning extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome extensions are the most popular among users, as this is the browser most people prefer. But how to choose the right tool if there are a huge number of them?

There are a number of criteria:

  • functionality;
  • speed of operation;
  • data protection;
  • accessibility.
  • When choosing a Google extension, focus on your needs. They may have a different number of functions and features, which is important to consider before downloading. Also check how the tool affects the performance of the browser, because in some cases it slows down significantly. Make sure in the description that your personal data will be securely protected. And, of course, you can choose both free and paid extensions if you wish.

Google data cleansing extensions

Review of the top extensions for cleaning up data on Google

Here’s a look at the most popular Google extensions for data cleansing.


Ccleaner is an excellent all-in-one package that cleans and optimizes your system at the highest level. A very handy feature is the ability to estimate how much space will be freed up by cleaning with the program. It can be used not only within the browser, but also for Windows as a whole.


Click&Clean is a great free extension for Chrome. It is designed to quickly and easily clean your browser to optimize its performance.

Among the possibilities:

  • Delete browsing history;
  • clear download history;
  • delete temporary files;
  • clear Chrome cookies, etc.
  • It is one of the most popular tools.

History Eraser

History Eraser is another equally useful tool that removes your search history, freeing up space in your browser. Thanks to its regular use, Chrome performance is optimized and tabs load faster. The user is shown the data to be cleared.

Data Cleaner

Data Cleaner is a comprehensive data cleaning extension. The program analyzes the browser for unnecessary information and offers the user to delete it. Aimed at eliminating various obsolete files and search history.

Clear Search History

Clear Search History is a free extension for Google Chrome that is designed to clean up your search history and open tabs. With this tool, you get the opportunity to automatically clear all history and delete old records while keeping only fresh ones. The extension is quite reliable comma what you can make sure of by reading its description.

History and Cache Cleaner for Google Chrome

One of the most basic extensions – history and cache cleaner for Google Chrome. Allow you to get rid of unnecessary data in just one click and will significantly speed up your browser. Using the tool is quite simple, but its functionality is definitely top-notch.

extensions for clearing history, cache in Chrome

How to install and use data cleansing extensions

In order to install and start using Google Chrome extension, users do not need to have any special skills. It is enough to perform the following steps.


Open the Google Chrome Web Store.


Select the appropriate extension according to the description.


Click the Install button.


If necessary, confirm the required data permissions.

Getting started with the extension is easy enough – click on its icon located to the right of the address bar.

How do extensions affect Chrome’s speed?

In most cases, extensions can slow down the loading time of websites in your browser. This is especially true for those tools that are launched when the page loads rather than when the page is fully displayed.

These delays are quite noticeable to users, as the content of websites is displayed longer than before. In order to avoid this effect, you can disable the extension for a while and enable it when you need to clean it up.


Chrome data cleaning extensions are great tools to add extra convenience to your browser experience. They become an effective addition to the functionality, satisfying the needs of users.

If you download tools from the official Chrome store, they are absolutely safe and can be safely used without additional protection measures. But do not forget to study the ratings and privacy policy before installation.

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