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The field of internet marketing and web development never stands still, so it is important for professionals to constantly monitor updates and changes on websites for timely response. In order to observe the fickle world of the internet, convenient and effective tools can be used. They will help to ensure a stable and relevant presence.

In this article, we will look at the most popular tools for analyzing a website and tell you about the main features of each of them.

Top tools for tracking website changes

If you still don’t know how to check for changes to a website, handy programs are here to help.


Visualping is the most common and affordable tool for checking website changes. Users are attracted by its intuitive operation, as well as simple functions that even beginners with no experience can handle. A big advantage of Visualping is that the interface is mapped into a monitoring form directly on the homepage, which greatly simplifies the tracking process.


Distill.io is a multifunctional tool that is designed to quickly track changes to web pages. The uniqueness of this program lies in the presence of support for both cloud and local monitors, which other options cannot provide. The developers have also automated login, data export, and the application of user proxies. With Distill.io you will be able to track changes not only on the website, but also in PDF documents.



With ChangeTower, you can track website changes across three addresses at once absolutely free of charge. The advantages of this cloud-based tool include simplicity, accessibility, and quick tracking of visual changes. Users have access to tracking updates and changes in code, keywords, and various interface changes. The tool provides complete automation of research work.


Wachete offers more extensive functionality than most similar tracking tools. Its key difference is the ability to monitor password protected pages, as well as dynamic pages and JavaScript.

The tool is used to collect and store web content and their change history for six months, allowing the user to return to old pages or changes to analyze them. Up to 5 web pages can be tracked at a time, which is enough for most professionals.


Versionista is a handy and quite powerful tool that will help you check changes on your website. It works with static and dynamic pages. Users can track both web pages and documents by PDF file type. The main difference of the tool is the ability to set filters to exclude irrelevant changes. With the help of this program, SEO changes are managed and tracked to maintain competitiveness in search engine rankings.

Frequency customization, JavaScript support, proxy addresses, and more are available during the create your own workspace phase. The tool demonstrates color codes to highlight changes and provides the ability to send a change alert with a detailed description in the form of an email.


If you need to track changes on a website, OnWebChange will help you accomplish this task very quickly and easily. Although it is inferior to Wachete in terms of power, certain features make the tool more practical.

OnWebChange provides access to three trackers for free. There is also multilingual support and a very powerful change detection system with customizable parameters. If necessary, the user can activate the function of sending notifications to a cell phone or email. A mailing list is created to notify more people.


Hexowatch is another handy tool that allows you to quickly detect and track changes on your websites. With its help, it is convenient to monitor competitors’ activities, notice visual changes on your website and create reports. Depending on your needs, scanning can be minute-by-minute, hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly with instant emailing.


Sken.io is another reliable platform that allows you to monitor changes in a timely manner. Users choose it due to its ideal web page rendering engine. Which timely signals changes with attached screenshots. The tool features pop-up blocking, time scheduling and previews.

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How to choose the right tool to track website changes?

So, how to check the changes on the site? The most popular option is online services. Hardly anything can be more convenient than ready-made cloud solutions with advanced functionality. For greater user convenience, developers have provided for integration into various systems.

But finding a quality resource may not be the easiest task, as not every server is able to satisfy all the needs of specialists. In some cases, beginners have problems with mastering the program.

To choose the right service, it is worth keeping these criteria in mind:

  • availability of a convenient interface language;
  • a large number of functions;
  • available tariffs;
  • currency;
  • demo-version to get acquainted with the program;
  • availability of a personal account;
  • support service.

Also pay attention to the possibility of the program working in the region where you live.

How do I get around blockages when checking for changes to a website?

To ensure that your activities are not considered as suspicious actions from the same address, you can buy mobile proxies. These are convenient tools that change your ip address and keep your personal information confidential. The cost of LTE/4G/5G proxies is quite affordable, and the functionality is able to significantly simplify the process of checking changes on websites, preventing blocking.

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When choosing the best tool for monitoring changes on websites, it is necessary to take into account certain goals and objectives. There are a number of users for whom the most important is the technical side, while others want to receive analytics and reporting, and for others ease of use is important. Also consider the financial side and the region. The right approach to monitoring changes on the site is the key to a potentially successful strategy for promoting your business on the Internet.

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