How to use Cheat GPT to parsing web pages


parsing web pages with Chat GPT

If you have not dared to use the Chat GPT parser before, but want to discover this tool, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the advantages of such interaction. In this article, we will tell you about the convenience of ChatGPT and how you can use it to simplify the parsing process.

How Chat GPT can be applied to parsing web pages

Chat GPT is a real discovery for Internet users. It cannot be called an ordinary text model, because chat is actively used for understanding and generating texts and codes. It is very handy for tasks that go beyond text generation. Parsing web pages with Chat GPT has reached a whole new level, because now users don’t need to write Python codes themselves. The tasks of experienced developers can be performed without their involvement. Chat GPT allows you to automate parsing without spending resources writing complex codes.

Chat GPT for parsing web pages is based on performing the following steps.


Page elements are monitored to determine the data to be extracted.


Detailed and clear instructions in natural language are provided.


Chat GPT generates code to retrieve the necessary data.


All selected information is verified and exported.

Next, let’s look at parsing data using Chat GPT in different directions.

Chat GPT integration with parsing tools

Chat GPT can become part of existing pipelines and be used in combination with other tools for information extraction and processing. Thanks to these capabilities, Chat GPT is a solution that can adapt to technology ecosystems. It can be mastered not only by professional developers, but also by newcomers to the field.

parsing with Chat GPT

Examples of using GPT chat for data parsing

Parsing with Chat GPT is a whole new level. Interacting with other tools, Chat GPT provides maximum automation, simplifying the task for users.

Using ChatGPT with Python and BeautifulSoup

Using GPT chat for Python parsing is easier than it may seem at first glance. First of all, you need to decide what kind of information you want to retrieve – product categories, reviews, description cards, and so on. Next, generate the required code using GPT, explaining this request in simple language. Next, you need to run the generated code. You can also use Python for this purpose. If it contains libraries that are not present on your device, you will need to install them. The optimal option is BeautifulSoup.

Analyzing feedback using Chat GPT and Selenium

Dynamic websites can be a bit more complicated with dynamic websites, because there is no reloading to change their content. We are talking about infinite scrolling, tabs, popups and other details. In order to parse such sites, you can’t do without installing an automated browser like Selenium.

GPT chat will help you write code that will be used by the browser to load dynamic content. This way you will be able to extract data and process pagination. Next, you export the extracted data to CSV with further analysis.

Monitoring price changes with Chat GPT and Puppeteer

Puppeteer Sharp is a library designed for parsing in C#. Its working principle is to scan a web page with a web browser without headers. Puppeteer allows you to clean up dynamic web pages, supports standalone browsers, and creates PDFs. In interaction with GPT chat, this tool will allow you to efficiently manage your website’s performance.

Data enrichment for SEO using Chat GPT

Using Chat GPT for parsing for SEO optimization is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. All that is required from the user is the correct formation of a text query, whether it is a technical task or a separate phrase from the dialog. In the chat you can get ready codes for analyzing the work of the site and ways to optimize it. But it is important to understand that this mechanism also has a certain percentage of error, so it is worth using it with special care. It is important to ask the right question, understand the principle of the system and detect errors.

Chat GPT parser

Advantages of using Chat GPT in parsing

Thanks to Chat GPT, the process of parsing pages is greatly simplified. It allows you to automate the extraction of information from web pages in large volumes, which optimizes your work and helps you increase your earnings.

The main advantage of GPT is the ability to create parsers with even minimal programming knowledge. But you should not forget about the importance of correct instructions to maximize the accuracy of GPT responses.

Need for proxy for parsing

In order to parse pages without restrictions and without fear of being blocked by websites, we recommend ordering mobile proxies. These are effective tools that allow you to hide your real ip address and ensure safe work in the network. Prices for proxy servers are quite affordable, and their functionality makes their purchase a very profitable investment.

Thanks to proxy servers, you will also be able to distribute requests to different ip addresses, so that individual servers will not be overloaded. This is relevant, in particular, if you are engaged in mass parsing of data or work with websites that have a limit on the number of requests made from one ip address


Chat GPT is a very valuable tool that offers users a lot of possibilities. But it is important to keep in mind the basic principles of working with it and the existing limitations, so that the use brings only positive results. Knowing about all the pros and cons of the tool, you will be able to parse websites as productively as possible.

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