How to bypass ban in Chat Roulette with VPN or proxy service


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The development of information technology allows us to communicate, moreover even to see a person who is very far away from you. Today it is no longer news or information that can surprise you. Chat Roulette is a popular service in which the user can communicate in video format or in the format of correspondence with a stranger. Thus the visitor by random algorithm gets to the account of an unfamiliar user and can start communicating in the format of correspondence or video call. This service for some people is a way to have fun in company or alone, and for others it is a way to find friends, a second half or just acquaintances with whom it was nice to communicate in the moment.

To communicate in Chatroulette you need to have any gadget: phone, tablet, laptop or PC; it is especially important to have internet with a stable connection. Owning the above-mentioned equipment you already have a chance to meet your best friend through the anonymous service.

Chatroulette was created in 2009 by a Moscow high school student, but viralized on the Internet in 2010 after it was featured on the television show Good Morning America and published an article in New York Magazine. In the spring of 2010, Chatroulette saw over 1.5 million users per day. It was this large number of visitors that caused numerous bans. In this article we want to share with you how you can bypass unwanted bans in Chatroulette.

What can be banned in Chat Roulette?

In order to find out how to bypass the ban in Chat Roulette need to understand and highlight the main reasons for blocking. There can be many reasons, the most basic are:

  • manifestation of disrespectful attitude to users;
  • too frank behavior in the frame;
  • spam;
  • display of vulgar and obscene images;
  • a large number of complaints;
  • impersonating an adult without being one.

How to remove ban in chat roulette via VPN?

You can remove the ban in chat roulette on android or phones with different OS with the help of VPN for chat roulette.

VPN – refers to a network that is used for secure and anonymous transmission of user data through public channels. Due to the fact that the principle of a VPN is to protect your traffic from being tracked, censored or tampered with and mask your IP address, some people call this network a safe tunnel between your device and the Internet.

How to remove ban from chat roulette on computer?

In order to remove the ban from chat roulette on your computer you need a special program. OpenVPN for Windows is suitable for both computers and smartphones. For the computer the main advantages are that this program is cross-platform because it supports different operating systems. And also has a 2-3 level connection, which will allow you to surf the Internet without restrictions with a changed IP-address.

How to bypass a Chatroulette block with a proxy server?

Another way how to bypass a block in Chatroulette is to connect to clustered proxy servers. How dynamic mobile proxies work and what are their advantages:

  • unban chat roulette on your computerLTESocks proxy network includes multiple LTE/5G devices via high-speed backhaul channels connected to the core;
  • for 99.9% availability, a high quality core based on artificial intelligence takes control of the LTE proxy network and manages it all the time;
  • connectivity will be available from any gadget, if the LTE you were previously connected to fails, your device will slowly reconnect to another LTE, which gives the appearance of minimal downtime and looks natural;
  • no geo-location;
  • clean, and most importantly reliable IPs and their very large number on the channel;
  • full anonymity is guaranteed;
  • also suitable for mobile devices.

How to avoid a ban in the future?

After you managed to remove the ban in chat roulette, it is very important to protect yourself from repeated unwanted blocking. To do this, you need to follow some fairly simple rules of behavior in chat roulette. Familiarizing yourself with the list of rules of chat roulette is an important step and if you did not learn them before the first ban, we suggest that you review them.


In the chat room, it is forbidden to mindlessly send messages, photos, other material, inducements to vote, leave feedback and the like. Such actions can be fraught with numerous complaints from users.


In chat roulette it is forbidden to treat your interlocutor rudely. You should treat him with respect, do not insult on religious, racial, gender, etc. topics, do not use profanity towards him.


Chat roulette moderators may ban you for too vulgar clothes or behavior, so you should behave more modestly during the meeting. Any aggressive behavior of a sexual nature is also not welcome by chat roulette moderators.


Get banned in chat roulette can be due to frequent complaints about your account. Complaints can be of any nature, more often in the form of letters to moderators with evidence in the format of screenshots or photos.


Chat roulette users are usually adults. When entering the site they have to confirm it. But in any case, no matter how strict the control is not to keep track of everyone is impossible. Consequently, the ban may occur because of the minority of the user. This can draw the attention of the program and automatically block the participant chat roulette, moderators way to check all users, as well as the participants themselves way to complain about the underage person.



Any service has its own rules that you should adhere to in case of unwanted blocking. Before using the site, you should read what you can get banned for and so on. If such a situation has already happened, you should get out of it in an environmentally friendly way and learn a lesson.

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