Why regular proxies are blocked


Why regular proxies are blocked

A proxy server is an intermediary that represents a device on the network. When a person spends time on the Internet, the IP address is automatically used for search engine queries. It is thanks to the address that you can understand your current location or create a kind of portrait of a virtual user based on the search history. It is necessary to know all types of proxies and for what reasons a regular proxy can be blocked.

Variety of proxies, what they are

A broad classification distinguishes free and paid proxies. But it is worth considering this issue in more detail. It is necessary to pay attention to the protocols on which all other varieties of proxies are based. In general, you can meet three protocol options for proxy servers:

  • HTTP;
  • HTTPS;
  • SOCKS.

In the first type, data from the user is directly transmitted to the platform of his choice. No encryption method is used here. In HTTPS, all traffic coming from your device is encrypted. Thus, third parties will not have access to personal information. SOCKS ensures that data from the user is transferred through an intermediate server.

What are the differences between regular proxies and paid and more reliable ones?

Free proxies are characterized by too low speed of work. At the same time, there is a probability of regular interruptions during the process. Also, all confidential data is at risk of falling into the hands of fraudsters. The possibility of blocking the account on popular sites remains. In turn, paid proxies are more speedy. Our private mobile proxies preserve user’s anonymity on any site. When creating paid proxies, HTTPS protocol is used. This means that all data is encrypted.

What is the difference between regular and paid proxies

Why do common proxies get blocked?

There are some reasons why common proxies are blocked. Generally, blocking occurs because free proxies can use one IP address for multiple users. Thus, if one of them is blocked, everyone with that address will not be able to access a particular site. Also free proxies are used by bots for their own purposes. It is for security reasons that some sites decide to block the account. Paid servers provide better anonymity and protection from blocking on different sites. But are there any restrictions on the use of regular proxy servers? It is important to know that regular proxies have restrictions on their use on some sites, but there are no such restrictions when using our proxies.

Tips for proxies not to be blocked

But what to do if a regular proxy is blocked? First of all, you should give preference to high-quality proxies – this is the simplest answer to the question “how to avoid blocking a regular proxy?” . The ideal options will be paid ones. You should also avoid public types of proxies. After all, because of their widespread use, they are at risk of being blocked. Instead, the right solution is to consider using our private or proprietary proxies. Many websites block proxy servers, but if your proxy supports HTTPS, this can make the blocking process more difficult as the connection will be represented by a cipher.

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