What are mobile proxies?


мобильные прокси что это

Users who spend a lot of time on the Internet sometimes face unexpected account lockouts. This is usually due to a large number of similar requests received on the network. Websites perceive them as spam, automatically block them, and may simultaneously deny access to accounts to a wide range of people who made such requests.

This situation creates problems for both Internet providers and mobile operators. It also needs to be solved by ordinary users, who are prevented by blocking from fully working and communicating in social networks. They often ask what mobile proxies are and how they help to avoid losing their accounts.

The problem of blocking is especially relevant where there is a large volume of traffic. Restoring access to Internet resources requires additional time and money. Mobile proxy is a means of eliminating the weak point of network usage. It is a hardware with software that makes it possible to create dynamic IP addresses independent of each other.

How mobile proxies work: a technical view

The equipment performs the same functions as standard proxy servers. But the technologies it uses are different and make it possible to avoid blocking even with a huge number of identical requests. Mobile proxy servers are able to modify data so that Internet resources perceive such a quantity not as spam, but as a natural behavior of many people. They process requests and do not transmit to the network such information about the user as:

  • time zone;
  • OS network fingerprint;
  • IP address change frequency.

It is this data that is usually the reason for account blocking.

How do mobile proxies work? They change IP addresses so that requests to the source server are transmitted correctly and do not cause suspicion even when one person sends them from different accounts.

Advantages of mobile proxies

The main advantages of mobile proxies are the absence of blocking from the usual servers of websites and social networks. Other advantages of the equipment include:

  • reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to obtain a pool of dynamic IP addresses;
  • ability to bypass checks of target servers.

Differences between mobile proxies and standard proxy servers

Standard servers are cheaper, but they assign users only one IP from the hosting provider and require costs to remove its blocking or get a new address. The price of mobile options is higher, but it is justified by the absence of the need to pay for the ability to use multiple accounts.

как работают мобильные прокси

Who needs Mobile Proxy

We have found out what mobile proxies are. Now we can move on to the question of who needs them. Some people think that proxies are needed only for prohibited methods of promotion in social networks. This is an erroneous opinion. The equipment facilitates the work of SEO-specialists, simplifies the tasks of marketers. It is necessary for:

  • parsing;
  • collection of key queries;
  • mass posting;
  • distribution of advertising;
  • launching private software.

The equipment helps users ensure the anonymity of their actions in social networks, allows bloggers to organize mass mailings and subscriptions, monitor the statistics of their account.

Where to buy mobile proxies

Our company offers to buy anti-blocking equipment with software developed with the use of innovative technologies. Prices for it are democratic. You need to buy equipment, having previously determined how to use mobile proxies. It is important to pay attention to options that can qualitatively and quickly perform the specified algorithm of actions. Otherwise, there is a risk of blocking working accounts, associated with loss of money and time. In the catalog of our company there are only stable high-speed models that function with both social networks and third-party services. If you have any questions, please call us at the phone number indicated on the site. We will choose the right equipment and help you place an order.


1. What types of mobile proxies are there?
Mobile proxies are special proxies that use the IP addresses of mobile operators. Here are the main types of mobile proxies:

  • 4G/LTE proxies: They use IP addresses allocated by mobile operators for devices on the 4G/LTE network. They offer high speed and reliability.
  • 3G proxies: Based on older 3G mobile technology, have slower data transfer speeds compared to 4G/LTE proxies.

2. What are the main advantages of mobile proxies?
The main advantages of mobile proxies include:

  • High anonymity: Mobile IP addresses change frequently, making it difficult to track the true source of traffic.
  • Low risk of blocking: Sites are less likely to block mobile IPs because they are used by regular users.
  • Geographic flexibility: Allow you to simulate traffic from different locations by using mobile operator IPs from different regions.

3. Can I make mobile proxies from my phone myself?
Creating mobile proxies from your phone yourself is theoretically possible, but it is quite complicated and requires special knowledge and tools. Usually you need to use specialized software or set up a VPN server to be used as a proxy. For most users, it is easier and more efficient to purchase access to mobile proxies from specialized providers.

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