How much does 1 IP address cost in mobile proxies


how much a proxy costs per 1 ip

Mobile proxies are a key tool for ensuring anonymity and security on the Internet. However, when it comes to the cost of 1 IP address in mobile proxies, the differences between countries become significant. In this article we will analyze the cost of mobile proxies in three countries: Ukraine, USA and China.

Cost of mobile proxies in Ukraine

Let’s start with analyzing the Ukrainian mobile proxy market. In Ukraine, the number of IP addresses provided and their cost can vary significantly depending on the service provider. Most offers include dynamic IP addresses, which makes them more affordable in terms of price.

Factors affecting the cost in Ukraine

It is worth noting that the cost of changing 1 IP address can depend on factors such as:

  • connection speed,
  • level of anonymity
  • the possibility of using proxies for different purposes.

For example, proxies with high speed and increased anonymity may cost more.

Cost of mobile proxies in the USA

The American market of mobile proxies offers a wide range of services. How much does it cost to change IP in America? The cost of 1 IP address in the USA may be higher compared to other countries, but this is due to the high quality of the services provided.

Advantages of using mobile proxies in the USA

One of the key points influencing the cost is the possibility of using proxies for various purposes: from anonymous surfing on the Internet to conducting market research. This creates additional opportunities for users, which can justify higher costs.


mobile proxy how much does it cost

How much does an anonymous proxy cost in China?

The Chinese mobile proxy market is characterized by its own peculiarities. The price of 1 IP address in China may be more affordable, but it is important to consider the restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities on the use of external proxy servers.

Compliance with regulations in China

An important factor affecting cost is compliance with rules and regulations in China. Make sure the provider you choose is compliant to avoid problems with using mobile proxies in this country.


In conclusion, the price of mobile proxies varies depending on the country, the provider and the terms of use. Before choosing a proxy, it is advisable to carefully research the market and determine your needs. Keep in mind the rules and restrictions in different countries.

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