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how backconnect proxy servers work

At the beginning of this publication, it is necessary to clarify what should be understood by the term “proxy”. In fact, it can be any PC, laptop, server, smartphone, tablet. In other words – these are any devices that can be assigned an IP address (it is needed to have access to the global network).

Users should realize that before going to the desired site, their search queries are conducted through intermediary servers before they even hit the internet network at all. The information you are looking for travels a similar path to you – using intermediary servers.

This process is similar to the situation as if a user would have to provide his address when ordering something over the Internet.

As for mobile proxy variants, such servers provide data exchange by transferring user Internet requests via mobile Internet supplied by GSM-operator.

What is a BackConnect proxy?

BackConnect proxy servers are designed to withhold the user’s IP address. While passing the intermediary server, the user uses its data to send and receive information.

At the same time, such possibilities are rather limited. Any user has the ability to hide his IP and still have access to the “World Wide Web” from anywhere on the planet, however, in this case it will not provide those super features that would improve the functioning of web scrapers, aggregate prices, make hidden accounts, bots, etc.

This is exactly what you will need a proxy with Backconnect for. Therefore, answering the question: proxy servers BackConnect what it is, we can answer that it is a kind of intermediary that connects the user with numerous other proxies.

Working principle of backconnect proxy servers

How do BackConnect proxy servers work? – To be able to function, a backconnect proxy must be present in the pool (area) of the proxy server. During your search or after some period of time (up to half an hour), you inevitably connect to one proxy server after another. The connection to the Internet is normal, but the IP of the user will change.

When are BackConnect proxy servers necessary?

What are BackConnect proxies used for? It often happens that while sending very numerous requests from the same address, the page to which they are directed may be blocked. Bots alone cause a lot of trouble, and this has negative consequences for the site.

For this reason, if you have a need to use automated programs, you should learn how to bypass speed limits. Intermediary servers with Backconnect provide the ability to make one request at a time from different IP addresses without being detected. This is what BackConnect proxy servers are for.

pros and cons of backconnect proxy server

BackConnect proxy: advantages and disadvantages

Among the positive qualities that BackConnect possesses and differs from ordinary intermediary servers are:


Saving time resources. If a user purchases a proxy, he does not need to use his time on the installations. The user only specifies his geolocation, makes the necessary rotation settings and can start working.


There is no limit on the number of accesses. If there is no speed limit, it is possible to make a lot of accesses. If proxies are blocked, the user will not even notice it, because he can work in normal mode as long as the intermediary servers function without failures.


Increased anonymity. An intermediary server by definition withholds the user’s address, but with a reverse-address proxy the IP will change regularly. If a user uses a home proxy, websites cannot distinguish them from other clients.


As for the disadvantages of using feedback proxies, they are superficial. They include:


Price. Like any service, you have to pay to use the servers.


Speed of operation. The speed depends on the variant of the proxy server used. It happens that resident proxy servers are slow because the user’s Internet traffic speed has limitations. To increase the speed performance, you can install the proxy server close to the target site.


These are the main pros and cons of BackConnect proxy server. And if you need to remain undetected when you make calls from your smartphone, you will need fast mobile proxies, information about which can be found on the above website.

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