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Proxies act as one of the most important elements while conducting their activities on the Internet. It is used immediately for creating more than one account on a particular platform and can replace the well-known IP address. It is just a necessary thing for those people who have been involved in creating multi-accounts online. This is necessary because any site can block a suspicious user if it sees his “trace” on several, at first glance, different accounts. But multi-accounts are suitable for those people who are engaged in the promotion of goods and services. But also do not forget that recently, proxies can be used for bonushunting. In this context, you should know what it is and how to choose the ideal proxy for this task. After all, comfort and safety during use depends on it.

What is bonushunting?

Bettors are determined to use any opportunity to get their desired benefit in the offices. One of the popular ways to do this remains the hunt for bonuses. Each company offers its own customers a certain number of bonuses and free prizes that can be awarded under different circumstances. Any newcomer is welcomed by a starting prize after registration, on the birthday, daily, etc. All this provides as a way to “sweeten” the process of playing. But some registered users define bonuses as their main way to get income.

Bonushunting emerged after the first introduction of free and general prizes in action. The word is translated from English as “bonus hunting”. Bonushunting is a separate type of betting, when the client of the casino uses only bonuses to win. This is quite convenient, because you do not have to make an initial deposit to start playing. There are several variants of prizes:

  • for registration;
  • for a deposit;
  • for advertising the casino;
  • for downloading the mobile application format on your device.
  • cashback.

Most often, the client finds two offices that can provide their users with a bonus for registration. In each of them, they make bets. Thus, the probability of winning automatically increases. If you receive a deposit bonus, then it can be used in the game. The size of the prize in most cases will be directly proportional to your first deposit. If the winning took place, then the bonushunter simply withdraws the money to his account. If not, then he has lost absolutely nothing. This is quite a convenient strategy.

use of mobile proxies for bonushunting

Why do you need to use proxies for bonushunting?

But now it has become more and more difficult to use such ventures. To check suspicious users use the analysis of their IP address – exactly what helps to track down several accounts at once, which are registered at the same casino or several. Proxy servers provide:

  • avoidance of blocking;
  • hiding the traces of the user;
  • the ability to register multiple accounts;
  • geographical flexibility.

Some casinos are gradually working to protect themselves from bonushunting. It is for this purpose that they apply a policy of blocking suspicious IP addresses that show the same activity. In this case, it is receiving free bonuses. Using proxies, it is possible to bypass such blocking, because the platform sees requests coming from different IP addresses.

Bonushunting can be considered as a violation of the rules of a particular platform or site. This is the reason for tracking user activity. Using a proxy, it is possible to hide your real IP address and make it look like different users are using services from different places. Some casinos set a limit on the number of accounts that can be created by one client. Proxies allow you to create virtual identities with different IP addresses, circumventing the limits on the number of “names”. Some offices are only available for certain regions. Proxies help you change your virtual location. This allows you to access bonuses that are restricted to you.

Which proxies should be used for bonushunting?

The very choice of proxies for bonushunting is very important. After all, the entire success of this activity in the casino depends on it. But how to choose a proxy for bonusshanting?

Specialists note the usefulness of a mobile proxy in bonushunting. This type provides a dynamic change of addresses. Such an approach allows you to maintain anonymity, because at the right time the proxy takes a completely different address. But in this context, it is worth saying that this strategy can cause suspicion at certain sites, not only in gambling offices. It is the frequent IP changes that cause mistrust. Because of this, accounts run the risk of being blocked. The only way out will be the creation of new and new user records. It is worth noting that you need to pay attention to the server protocol. The most reliable after a huge amount of time are IPv4, IPv6. The last option is defined as much better – this is seen in practice. All tips on choosing a proxy for bonuschanting note that most of the platforms work exactly with IPv4. Based on this, you can try to apply the new IPv6, but if it does not fit, then formalize a switch to IPv4.

Advantage of mobile proxies for bonushunting

There are some major advantages of proxies in bonushunting that make the process safer. First of all, it is necessary to note the IP addresses that proxies provide. Thanks to them, the user gets the opportunity to preserve his anonymity in the context of realizing the strategy of bonusshunting. Because of this, a person will be able to create several accounts at once with a high probability of avoiding system blocking, if you choose the right proxy.

Some bonuses are provided only through the installation of mobile casino applications. In this case, proxies are needed more than ever, because they can authentically emulate traffic from mobile devices. Also, proxies are endowed with the ability to mimic different types of devices: phones, tablets. This creates the illusion of completely different users. All private mobile proxies are suitable not only for special purposes such as running a business, advertising sites, but also for daily use. It is important to choose the one that will fully meet your needs.

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