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Cloak IT Review

Cloak IT traffic filtering service effectively protects resources from scam, bot attacks, spam services and other unwanted traffic. Advanced algorithms allow you to conduct protection work very effectively. At the same time, the service works literally with any source of traffic.

Main advantages and advantages

Machine Learning algorithm makes the program self-learning in real time. It allows the system to constantly improve and identify different types of negative traffic. In addition:

  • A wide variety of filters are available.
  • The system can be integrated directly into a website using WordPress, PHP, iOS, JavaScript, Android, Webview.
  • The program works with different content sources, including advertising platforms, which is especially important in today’s world.
  • Simple and clear interface that allows you to customize in a short time, even if you have no previous experience or programming skills.
  • Extensive management options. You can track statistics on clicks, create blacklists, make customizations.

If you have any problems in customization or data processing, you can contact the support team and get comprehensive assistance.

How to get started with Cloak IT filtering service

To start using cloakit, you only need to make a few clicks. On the main page of the official website, you will be able to download the software, which the program has completely cloud-based. Then all that remains is to perform the integration and customization.

Cloak IT integration

The service provides several methods of integration. They differ in some aspects and depend on the scope of application.

  • If the white page was created on a constructor, you can perform integration using JavaScript.
  • A cloud site can be cloaked using RNR. This method will also be suitable when working with affiliate links.
  • For owners of WordPress-based sites, a plugin has been developed that is easy to use.

You can also choose other integration methods, depending on the peculiarities of the site and the scope of the service. Contact support if you don’t know which integration method to choose.

Company customization

It is possible to carry out the customization of cloak it yourself. To do this, you will need only a few minutes. To get started, you just need to fill in the specified fields.


Enter the name of the company. The program gives 100 characters to enter the name.


In the “White Page” field, you need to insert a link to a page on the site that will be visible to traffic from various sources.


The “Offer Page” line is intended for a link to the page that is broadcast to target users. You can also insert an affiliate link here.


Next, activate the “Cloakit”, “VPN/Proxy” and “IPv6” toggle switches.


In the Geo line, mark the country where you are going to send traffic.


In the Device field, select the type of device where the traffic will be streamed to. You can use a laptop, smartphone, tablet and TV.


Activate the “Filter empty Referer” item


Put the banned traffic on the “Black List”.


All that’s left is to activate the settings and save your progress. One step left is to enable integration. To do this, you can use RNG and JavaScript. Now you can use the service as intended.

Service interface

The modern Cloak IT service for traffic filtering has a user-friendly interface that is easy to master even for a beginner. There are only a few sections, each of which is designed to manage the system. On the main screen, you will find the fields that you and I filled out in the previous section. If necessary, you will be able to edit them.

In addition to personal information about the company, you will see the “Payment” section. In it you can view the possible tariffs, as well as the current payment. If necessary, it is easy to change the tariff. On the same page you can buy mobile proxies.

Also on the main page is the “Support” section. Here you can ask for help from 10:00 to 22:00 daily. At the initial stage, you will be consulted by a bot. If the problem is not solved, an operator will join the chat, who will be able to understand the situation in more depth.

In the upper right corner there is a section with settings, where you can change your password and make a number of other adjustments. In the lower corner is the language switch. The server is available in two languages.

Cloak IT service for traffic filtering


The Cloak IT tariff grid includes three options. They differ in price and the set of features available for constant use. At any time you can change the tariff to get more of the features you need.


This package includes:

  • One active company with unlimited clicks.
  • Supports all traffic sources.
  • Work with IPv4, IPv6.
  • GEO databases.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android.
  • Integration with PHP and JavaScript.

All other features offered by the service are also available. Suitable for a small company whose requirements will be met by a standard set of functions. The cost of this package is $100 per month. You can reduce the subscription fee by using promo codes and promotional offers.


For $200 per month, you’ll get an expanded asset of services to help get your small to medium-sized business up and running. This option offers:

  • The ability to register up to 10 companies.
  • Priority support from online chat specialists.
  • Protection from spy services and VPN/Proxy.
  • Real-time statistics tracking.
  • Protection from negative traffic coming from advertising platforms.

Naturally, you get the whole range of services from the Start tariff.


The most luxurious option that allows you to effectively use the Cloak IT cloaking service is Premium. It differs from the previous packages:

  • Unlimited number of companies.
  • First line waiting for chat support.
  • Detailed startup guide.
  • Supports traffic from all sources.

You also get all the features that the Start and Standard packages include. The cost of this program is $400. Discounts and promotions are available for each group, which can significantly reduce the cost of running the service.

Reviews and rating

Having studied on Cloak IT reviews, one would like to highlight a few main aspects that are noted by dedicated and recent users of the service. It is important to keep in mind that these are the experiences of individuals, which in total can allow for a rational assessment. Among other things, users note:


User-friendly interface is easy to navigate when you first get acquainted with the service. Each function is easy to find, the chain of succession to the final goal is clear.


Easy activation. It is necessary to provide a minimum set of data. This greatly simplifies the activation process and makes it comfortable.


Beginner users cope with all the stages of working with the service on their own. Often people without any IT experience note the simplicity of the work.


Users also note the efficiency of the service and the pleasant design. On some resources, discussions are raging around the price. For some it is very affordable, others consider it overpriced. About this you can form your own personal opinion.

The rating of the company can be designated in four categories:

  • Support – 7.8
  • Technology – 7.9
  • Efficiency – 7.7
  • Reliability – 8.5

Stay tuned and learn more about different technologies for your business. Coming soon about OpenVPN for Windows and other exciting topics.

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