How to bypass CAPTCHA?


автоввод капчи

Automated testing and captcha bypassing are effective methods of automating processes, thanks to which developers can save a lot of time. This article will be useful for users who regularly face similar tasks and want to find working methods of automating them. After all, if you perform the same tasks at least three times a day, you should already think about creating a tool that will perform them at the touch of a button.

This information will also be useful for security specialists and developers of systems designed for heavy loads. Because understanding the basic principles of bots and their functionality will help to get rid of the problems that arise when developing defense strategies.

Why there is a need to bypass CAPTCHA

A huge amount of time users spend regularly to bypass captcha on various sites. Searching for buses, bicycles and traffic lights in pictures, entering symbols and solving examples – all this is not so often encountered on the way of ordinary users. But IT specialists face such checks much more often. Individual organizations have found a solution in hiring separate outsourcing companies that deal with recaptcha entry.

There is another side to this process. When creating web platforms and applications, it is important for site owners to keep in mind the risks of bot attacks and create bot protection systems that provide security without creating annoyances for resource users. In order to test them, you have to use special programs with optimal cost. If you have experience in IT, it is much more profitable to create such tools on your own.

Types of captcha

Before proceeding to study the question of how to bypass captcha I am not a robot and their other possible variations, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the existing varieties.

Graphic. With numbers or drawings, where you need to put a mark near the correct element.

Anchor. Sites provide keys and addresses for captcha, and they are formed separately.

Programmatic. A relatively new type of captcha, which are solved by the browser independently and in some cases are not even shown to users.

Graphical – this is the simplest type of captcha, which is used much less often, but still can be found on sites. Anchor captchas are part of the site. The user is immediately given a key to solve the captcha, after which they are redirected to the page. The most common one is Google’s recaptcha. It does not protect reliably enough, so it loses its relevance. There is a more complex system – KeyCaptcha. It is solved by collecting a puzzle or sorting images. There are simpler and more complex levels, for which the auto captcha solution is individually selected.

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How do I bypass the captcha?

The most budget-friendly and effective method to bypass captcha on a website is to create a program yourself, if you have programming skills. Even novice IT specialists can cope with writing the code. The most convenient for this is the CapMonster platform. It takes an average of one day to train a neural network to bypass a graphical captcha by training the program.

One of the most complex anchor-type captchas is SolveMedia. It can have different levels of complexity, so some users have problems at the initial stages. Such checks can be bypassed with the help of a neural network.

As a rule, program captchas are easily solved by browsers themselves. Sometimes difficulties arise and the browser asks to solve a regular captcha. In order to help the browser and simplify captcha auto-entry, you can additionally change settings: change IP address, add a proxy, change browser, etc.

Automated captcha bypass solution

OCR is a relatively old technology that is used less frequently, while a newer tool, ANN, has been actively used only since the second half of the last century.

ANN is the basis of artificial intelligence, which creates programs and devices with a creative bias (imitation of human activity). Recently, AI has been constantly improved to add new functions.

They are used to realize a variety of tasks, among which are:

  • identification of objects in the photo (in the smallest details, including actors in the photo, brands of their clothes, location, etc.);
  • controlling devices using voice and gestures;
  • writing annotations to video materials taking into account the content of the video and others.

Logically, with these features, users who have programming knowledge will not have a question on how to bypass captcha with the program.

Manual methods of captcha traversal

In addition to automated processes, there are manual methods of how to get rid of captcha. They include a modern method of simple earnings – users enter captcha, and receive a monetary reward for this. This option became popular when the software recognition of CAPTCHA became more complicated.

The essence of this system is simple – on a specially created server, users are registered to solve captcha manually. Provide them with work can be anyone who needs solutions. More often among the customers are hackers who use the services to realize their own goals:

  • automated earnings;
  • sending spam messages;
  • mass purchasing of products for resale;
  • hacking pages, etc.

Services make captcha traversal as easy as possible by providing APIs to pass captchas online. In simple words, the user enters the captcha using the service, and with the help of its response confirm the purchase online.

авто решение капчи

How to choose the right method or tool to bypass captcha?

As you can guess from this article, there are a huge number of services and programs that can perform captcha auto-entry. It is difficult to say which of these options will be suitable for your case. In order to choose a suitable program, it is worth determining the main aspects.


Determining the captcha that will be solved. Focus on the type and number of captcha that will accompany your project. Depending on this criterion, it is worth selecting a tool, because they all differ in purpose. Also remember the difference in their scale, all developers lay down different amounts of work.


Accuracy Assessment. Accuracy is a very important criterion, without which you will not be able to perform a quality task. Stop your choice only on highly accurate captcha solving programs to eliminate errors and not to waste time.


Check the speed. The efficiency of the program also depends on the average response time. If it is too slow, it will take you a very long time to solve and the project will lose efficiency.

It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the houses from other users beforehand. This way you can be sure of the reliability and efficiency of the chosen program. Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to remember about the protection of personal data online. Mobile proxies or, in the case of working with a personal computer, VPN programs and extensions will help to preserve your privacy.

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