How do I access my phone number without a SIM card?


how to access a number without a SIM card

There are situations when your physical SIM card is missing, but you need to use the number now. For this case, there is SIM-hosting, thanks to which you can use your number from a physical SIM card and get remote access to the data on it.

There is also a second option – to buy a virtual number and use it to choose the right mobile operator in a particular region and its tariff. Thus, you will not have to pay for roaming or buy a new SIM card every time you are abroad. In this article, we will look in detail at how to make calls and how to receive sms without a SIM card.

Possibilities to access the phone number without using a SIM card

To use the services of mobile operators, you need to insert their SIM card into your smartphone. But, if you don’t have it, and you need the number, the question arises: how to get access to the phone number without a SIM card? But, there are already operators who can provide communication services without a physical SIM card. It is enough to have a smartphone that supports e-sim. To do this, it must be activated in the settings of the smartphone and authorization by number. But each operator provides a different set of opportunities – for example, you can make calls, but send sms no, or e-sim can be active in a certain region. It is also possible to receive a call that comes to one of your phones with a physical SIM card.

application for calling without a SIM card

Calls and SMS without SIM card access

And now let’s see how to get access to the number without a sim card. After all, not always applications of mobile operators can solve the problem of access to the sim card: for example, if you need a number that you have not used for a long time, or the sim card is lost. Therefore, neither the code sent to it, nor redirection will help. In this case you will need to get a new sim-card from the mobile operator, if it has such a service.

In order to restore the number, it is important that the number was registered to you on the basis of the agreement with the operator. In addition, the SIM card has its own statute of limitations and if it is expired, it will not be possible to restore the number. Then you can reconnect it, if it does not belong to another subscriber, otherwise you need to change the number to provide access to various services in the network, so that confirmation codes and calls do not come to the number that is no longer yours.

Apps for accessing calls without a SIM card

To activate the e-SIM, you will need an application for calls without a SIM card, which you need to install on your smartphone. Once in the application, you can select one of the operators and its tariff plan. In this way you will have communication without roaming. Being in another country, you choose a local operator and tariff and use the number without roaming charges. That is, it will provide calls without a SIM card application of the operator.

Features of eSIM

An eSIM card is a virtual SIM card (a chip embedded in a smartphone at the stage of its manufacture) that provides access to your physical SIM card number. That is, you will be able to fully use your number with all the data on it. All data will be on the servers of the mobile operator. Therefore, the question of how to get sms to a number without a SIM card will be solved, and to receive calls and make calls yourself will also be possible, if you have an application from the operator.

Thanks to the e-sim card you can make calls even if you are abroad. Previously, you had to buy a SIM card from a local operator, but you only needed it for that period of being in another country. And the roaming option is expensive. But with an e-sim card, you don’t have to buy physical SIM cards in another country all the time. Through e-sim you can connect to your own number, which will be more convenient and economical. And you won’t have to carry several phones with you all the time, because the e-sim will provide access to their numbers.

how to get a text message without a SIM card

Virtual number technologies

If for some reason you are unable to purchase or connect a virtual sim card, you can choose the best option – a virtual phone number. No one disputes that e-sim has a lot of advantages, but not all operators offer favorable tariffs for data transfer from a physical sim card to e-sim. Therefore, you can use the service of a virtual number.

A virtual number is a service similar to an e-sim card, when it will also be possible to access the number without a sim card. For this purpose, you will not need anything additional – all problems will be solved by the operator. You can buy a virtual number, which will receive calls and sms, which will be forwarded by the operator to a landline or cell phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

If you need to hide your IP address and get online from a mobile number, use mobile proxies that will provide a high-quality connection and hide your IP address.

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