How to connect to a proxy via OpenVPN


proxy through OpenVPN

In order to create a secure connection between several or one personal computer, there is a need to use a VPN, as it uses strong encryption technology. This then provides a chance to securely perform the process of transferring information between devices. Proxies are often used instead of VPNs, which guarantee an anonymous and reliable connection with the ability to bypass various blockages and restrictions. You can connect to a proxy through the use of OpenVPN, which guarantees a weighty number of advantages. So let’s see how to connect to a proxy via OpenVPN.

OpenVPN – what is it?

OpenVPN is a software and a special protocol that uses all the methods of an ordinary VPN to ensure the protection of site-to-site or point-to-point connections. Among Internet users, this protocol belongs to the category of the most popular.

This program is completely free to use and has an open source code. The peculiarity of the software is that it implements the server and client part at the same time. There is a possibility of using it on different operating systems.

Why is it important to use reliable proxies?

Before connecting to a proxy via OpenVPN it is worthwhile to understand the reasons why there is a need to use a proven and reliable proxy. First of all, this is due to the fact that proxies have found their active use for:

  • confidential visiting of specific web resources;
  • improving the performance of your own data on the Internet;
  • gaining access to those resources that are presented in a separate form;
  • obtaining the probability of using blocked sites or those to which access is restricted.

To realize all of the above actions it is important to responsibly approach the process of selecting a quality, reliable and trusted proxy.

Data encryption security

When wishing to quickly connect to a proxy via OpenVPN, it is important to understand that information encryption and security are created thanks to the TLS protocol and a special SSL library. If we consider new versions of the program, then instead of the SSL library there is a chance to use PolarSSL. The TLS protocol itself is an advanced copy of the protocol used for data transmission in a secure mode.

SSL library uses asymmetric and symmetric cryptography. In the symmetric method, initially the same secret key is placed on each of the nodes of the network. If we take into account the asymmetric method, then it uses several keys for data exchange, among which there are private and public keys.


reliable proxies

Connecting to a proxy via OpenVPN: step-by-step instructions

In order to connect private mobile proxies via OpenVPN, it is initially worth downloading and installing the software. At the next step, you should be guided by the established algorithm of actions.


Run the OpenVPN software with administrator privileges.


The next step is to connect to the VPN server. To do this, click on the GUI icon on the system tray, which will display all available networks. Next, select the required server and click “Connect”.


For the account, you need to enter your username and password and then click on OK.


After the last step is completed, the connection will be made, which guarantees the protection and anonymity of Internet traffic.

Where to get reliable proxies?

When there is a need to find reliable and trustworthy proxies, in this case you should turn to the official website of our company for their purchase. Here, every potential customer will be provided with a wide enough choice of all kinds of options, among which he will choose the one that will meet the characteristics and actual cost. It is important to take a responsible approach to the procedure of selecting a proxy, because in the future anonymity, confidentiality and maximum security when using various web resources in the global Internet network will depend on it.

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