How to bypass the blocking of VKontakte?



In 2017, users from Ukraine were banned from accessing some social networks and other entertainment, news platforms, according to the current legislation. Therefore, communication in such a social network as VK became impossible and fans of this site began to look for a workaround for blocking Vkontakte. Now we will tell you about several valid ways to unblock the social network to communicate with friends, watch videos, listen to your favorite audio recordings.

How to remove the blocking of VK on Android and iOS

The most popular way to quickly enter the social network is to use a smartphone, which is always at hand. But, regardless of whether you are an Android and iOS user, you will not have access to the account unless you download one of the specialized programs. You can find them in Play Market if you have an Android phone or in the App Store for Apple users.

The most popular programs for smartphones:


Exspress VPN. A universal program compatible with devices running on different types of operating systems. The product guarantees security of transmitted data, ultra-fast connection to websites, and gives access to servers of more than 100 countries around the world.


Cyberghost. A paid program with a free trial period of 45 days. It is compatible with various devices and gives you access to more than 11,000 servers worldwide. Thanks to an advanced privacy policy, you can be sure that your personal information is protected.


IP Vanish. The availability of different types of security protocols will ensure maximum protection of the user’s confidential data. Also the advantage is the lightning-fast installation of the program on your mobile device.


Nord VPN. The program can be used from up to six devices at the same time, and the application also gives access to servers located on different continents.


In this list we have listed the programs with which you can unlock vkontakte, which have the highest rating among users and are freely available for every consumer. All you need to do is to open the app store on your smartphone and find a suitable application.

blocking vkontakte in ukraine

How to enter Vkontakte from a computer

Unblocking Vkontakte from the computer is available with the help of special extensions that are available to every user. To install them you will need:

  • Open the browser.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Find the category “Extensions”.
  • Choose a suitable program and install it on your computer.

Note that there are free extensions that will allow you to remove the blocking of Vkontakte, but they work for a limited time or the transfer speed leaves much to be desired. Some programs, such as the popular Hola application provides optimal transfer speed, but the time of free use is limited. However, if you purchase a premium package on this extension, you can unblock Vkontakte at any time of the day.

Unblock VK extensions and add-ons

Blocking Vkontakte in Ukraine is a common problem, so we offer several ways to solve it. Now we will tell you more about the possibilities of unblocking VK and other sites, access to which was restricted.

Proxy servers

A convenient way to unblock sites is a program to bypass the blocking of Vkontakte. Thanks to modern innovations, programmers have developed dozens of proxy servers that can be downloaded to a device with any operating system.

Instructions on how to use a proxy server:


Open the app store on your mobile device and select a suitable blocking bypass program (e.g. Exspress VPN).


Wait for the download to complete and open the application. Downloading takes only a few seconds and you do not need to change your phone settings to open the program.


Upon opening, Exspress VPN program will offer two options for use: registration through an account or a free trial version for 7 days. If you choose the free version, you need to enter your bank card details in order to buy a mobile proxy in the future.


After selecting the method of use, click on the button to enable VPN in the middle of the screen, select the region of the IP server, then go to any blocked sites.


The applications can be used in the background, around the clock.

The pros of such programs are fast data transfer speeds, protection of clients’ confidential information, and the presence of tens of thousands of servers around the world. The downside is that the program is usually paid, but offers a free demo version.

unblock vkontakte extension

Via Tor browser

Tor is the optimal browser for bypassing Vkontakte blocking. It is a convenient option, as you can not install additional extensions or programs, but simply download the browser to your computer.

To use Tor you need to:

  • go to the official website of the developer;
  • download a licensed browser;
  • once the download is complete, open and start working.

The convenience of the browser is that it has a very convenient interface and navigation, thanks to which the user will quickly connect to the VPN and can set the settings to unblock Vkontakte in Ukraine (if necessary).


You can also bypass the blocking from your computer using the Opera browser, because it already has a VPN, from which you can enter the servers of Europe, Asia, America or select the “Optimal location” function. The minus of the built-in VPN is that the data transfer speed is limited.

When blocked Vkontakte, how to unblock will prompt a simple navigation on the Opera browser. First of all, you need:


Enable VPN, which is located in the settings (on the left side of the screen).


Choose a location from the three options offered.


Go to the desired site and enjoy.


If the vpn unblocking failed, you can change to another server and try again.

So how to make the right choice?

Despite the fact that a good reason for blocking Vkontakte led to the issuance of a law banning access to these sites from Ukrainian servers, users still have the opportunity to use the social network. To make the right choice, you need to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of circumvention:

  • The Opera browser has a built-in VPN, which is convenient for users, since it is absolutely free. However, the disadvantage is the slow download speed and the possibility of blocking some sites.
  • Downloading extensions (like openvpn) to the standard browser is a great idea, as you can choose a suitable application from the list of paid or free ones.
  • Mobile apps are convenient because they work in the background. The disadvantage is that almost all mobile programs are paid, however, they give you the opportunity to use for free for a while.

You can also download the Tor browser, with built-in VPN and use it instead of the main browser. This will allow you to enter any site and not waste time switching between browsers.

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