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gidonline blocked how to bypass

Lying in bed in the evening after work and watching a movie – this is the dream of almost everyone. This is how family and romantic evenings are spent. The movie to watch is chosen carefully and always want to watch the premiere. When you do not want to go to the theater, the site GidOnline comes to the rescue.

Here is an impressive selection of movies and not only. There are animated series, serials and the latest novelties. GidOnline has been around for a long time and has a loyal audience. To view the entire base of movies and TV series, you need to register. But the resource was blocked at the state level.

Why blocked the site GuideOnline?

Why gidonline does not work? The summer of 2013 brought the country a new law. He made adjustments to Internet censorship and copyright. Its clauses affected copyright, which applied to film, TV and video productions. Its essence is that if illegal materials are placed on a website, the website can be blocked without trial. Having received a notice from the state, the site owner must remove the illegal content, otherwise his resource will be blocked.

Society reacted violently to this “anti-piracy” law. But the authorities did not react in any way and began to ban and block sites. Many fell under this ban, including GuideOnline. Since then, a frequent Internet query has become: how to bypass the blocking of GuideOnline.

Services and programs to bypass the blocking of GidOnline

When trying to go to your favorite site, a notification appears that this web resource is blocked. Many people refused to use their resources, but not all. As soon as some websites became inaccessible, ways to bypass blocking began to appear. Programmers began to create anonymizers and programs to bypass bans.

Using a proxy

To use the GidOnline website, you can bypass the blocking by using a proxy server. Since all Internet requests go through them, you can purchase a proxy yourself. Since the user is identified through an IP address, it needs to be hidden or spoofed. It is the IP spoofing that makes the proxy undetectable. With its help, you can choose another country or region in the settings, thus bypassing the blocking and accessing gidonline. Proxy servers are reliable and guarantee safety on the Internet. They will help you hide your identity and all online activities.

VPN – virtual private network

Since GidOnline is blocked, how to bypass the blocking, such a question worries many people. Another of the ways is a VPN service. When the activation of the VPN has passed, all real information lends itself to encryption. It is almost impossible to track such a user, as well as to get data about his bank accounts. VPN protects the network connection. This is relevant when a person uses public Wi-Fi. Having activated the VPN application, hackers will see only incomprehensible information. At the same time, the speed of the Internet is not reduced in any way.

TOR browser

There is another popular method of bypassing the blocking, if you have a site that does not work on GuideOnline. You can download and install the Tor browser. It was created to:

  • bypass censorship;
  • bypass blocking web resources;
  • preserve anonymity;
  • protect personal information.

When looking for an answer to the question: GidOnline is blocked, how to bypass, the TOR browser will always save you. Here there is a small disadvantage – the speed of page loading. It is not able to save information in the form of login, password and pages that were visited in this browser. On the other hand – this is a plus, because no one will see what you were doing online.

Anonymizer programs

These programs were specially created to bypass any bans. They allow you to access blocked sites, chat rooms, anonymously view content on the Internet, bypass geographical blocking and block ads with unwanted content. This is the fastest and most inexpensive way to visit a banned site.

how to log on to gidonline

How to access the GidOnline website?

To freely enter GidOnline and how to bypass blocking, you can use a mobile proxy. It can be installed both on the phone and on the computer. A VPN application will be convenient enough for cell phones.

Setting up a proxy for cell phones

To set up a proxy on a mobile gadget, there is no need to download applications. It is enough to understand a little with the settings of the phone. The process goes like this:


go to mobile settings;


select the “Menu” item, which is responsible for network or Wi-Fi connection;


find the connected network;


Select “Manual Settings” under “Proxy” in the network settings;


manually specify the IP address and port.


This is all the actions that need to be done. Mobile proxies are better to buy, because free ones have limits, restrictions and lower internet speed.

Connecting a proxy to a personal computer

how to bypass gidonline blockingSetting up a proxy on a PC is as easy as on a phone. After starting the PC, go to the Internet settings. Next, select the item of manual proxy server settings. Having switched on the manual control, we enter the necessary proxy address and port. With such a server, the question of how to access GidOnline will not bother you anymore.

Connecting to VPN

What is openvpn? It is a way of creating a secure connection to the network. It is used when it is necessary to bypass bans, such as gidonline, movies, bypass blocking. Setting up a VPN works on the principle of an invisibility cloak – it masks your actions and keeps you anonymous. Your ISP will see that you are using a VPN, but they will never know what for.

To connect a VPN, in the network-internet settings, select VPN connection. Then specify the connection name and address of the VPN server and save. This completes the settings and you can watch your favorite movies without restrictions.

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