How to increase your e-commerce sales with multi-accounting?


multi-accounting in e-commerce

Multi-accounting in e-commerce is an effective strategy that can increase the number of sales. This strategy involves creating two or more accounts on different platforms like Amazon and eBay where the same products are posted. This is how a business can master a wider audience for successful trading.

In this article, we will explain how to increase sales with multi-accounting.

The importance of multi-accounts in e-commerce

Multi-accounts have long been an effective tool that is actively used for the purpose of creating and managing a large number of accounts within large commercial sites. Due to the increase in the number of storefronts and trade offers, the amount of profit increases. At the same time, the user does not need to make additional investments.

But in their majority, e-commerce sites provide for tracking users with suspicious activity, including the creation of a large number of accounts. As a result – blocking or banning without the possibility of recovery. To increase e-commerce sales without such risks, you can use an anti-detection browser. It is also worth using private mobile proxies that will hide your real IP address.

Creating and managing multi-accounts for sales

Working with anti-detection browsers is practically no different from using conventional tools.

Beforehand, the user needs to customize the browser taking into account his or her wishes and needs, and then it is enough to create the necessary number of accounts in accordance with the available limit. The control panel in such browsers is convenient and simple, so it allows you to understand the basic functions even without experience in working with antidetect. The process of interaction itself does not require special skills, because you get everything the same, but on more pages and without the risk of blocking.

Multi-accounting strategies to maximize sales

As we mentioned earlier, you can increase sales with multi-accounting by reaching a large number of users. But such a tool has another convenient feature – the ability to test different pricing strategies. For example, one ad can be published with a higher price and another with a lower one. The strategy of artificial price completion and market manipulation allows you to better study the behavior of potential buyers.

The introduction of promotions and discounts can also be used. If the market is overheated, you can upload multiple promotional items from different accounts to the site at once.

By utilizing multiple accounts, companies can ensure diversification of the risks associated with locking out both a specific account and individual product cards. Often, problems arise because of this, as platforms mean adjustments to their policies or algorithms have a big impact on the business.

multi-accounting for sales

Working with reviews using different accounts

Multi-accounting for sales is convenient because it can be used to maintain the online reputation of a business by handling reviews. If a product is promoted using a single account, even because of one or more negative reviews the reputation is significantly affected. Therefore, posting from different accounts will soften the blow of such feedbacks.

You can also increase the number of positive reviews and other important metrics displayed in product cards.

Do not forget to apply additional security measures. Tariffs for proxies are quite affordable, and their connection is guaranteed to ensure the safety of your confidential information.

How to choose an anti-detect browser for e-commerce and dropshipping?

When choosing an anti-detect browser, focus on the following criteria.


Functionality and features.


Ease of Use.


Compatibility with different web platforms.


Prices and Fees.


Testimonials and reputation.

Also pay attention to the availability of technical support and updates.
increase sales with multi-accounting


Creating multi-accounts for e-commerce is the best solution for your business.

The anti-detect browser allows you to:

  • Create and promote brands on large marketplaces;
  • Monitor reputation and reviews;
  • automate everyday processes.

Managing multiple accounts at once is very convenient for teamwork.

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