Multi-accounting: what it is and how to organize the work correctly




Every Internet user creates accounts to gain access to specific resources. Depending on the purpose, their number often reaches hundreds or even thousands. To ensure the probability of simultaneous work in several accounts, such a concept as multi-accounting is used, with the features and principle of operation of which it is worth to understand in detail.

Multi-accounting: what is it?

Multi-accounting is a chance for each network user to realize simultaneous work in several accounts of one service or site. If we take into account social networks, a person can create a couple of profiles in order to actively run advertising from them. If we consider the work of bookmakers or online casinos, they are used to bypass the established blocking or to get additional bonuses.

Areas of application of multi-accounting

Having understood what multi-accounting is, it is worth considering the basic areas of its use. Among such areas stand out the following:

  • crypto exchanges and crypto platforms;
  • online casinos and bookmakers;
  • parsing;
  • social networks.

Multi-accounting is a tool that is often used when new tokens appear in sales on different platforms. This is because such initial sales limit the number of tokens purchased, as they are offered at a low price. With a huge number of accounts, the user’s chances of getting the desired token increases.

Many people use multi-account in order to realize simultaneous work with several crypto wallets and guarantee complete anonymity. Especially it is necessary for use on those exchanges, where the registration of the wallet is required to specify personal passport data. Therefore, this method is often used in order to bypass blocking and to guarantee the protection of your own information.

Despite the fact that multi-accounting in crypto is actively used, it is often used on betting sites. This opens the following advantages:

  • the probability of reusing previously received welcome bonuses;
  • continuation of active interaction with a particular bookmaker’s office when the original account was blocked;
  • a chance for bettors to bet on opposite events, which will increase the chances of winning.

Quite often such a tool is used in parsing, which is an automated collection of information on the Internet. Parsers are used to collect contact phone numbers, prices, user data and other information. Some countries set restrictions, so using a multi-account opens up the chance to engage in parsing without various restrictions.

Often such a tool is used in social networks. It is not surprising to meet multi-accounting Telegram or another application. It is used to solve the following tasks:

  • simultaneous launch from several profiles of advertising, which is important for targetologists, marketers and arbitrageurs;
  • writing comments or publishing reviews on behalf of different users, which will attract attention and increase reputation in the network;
  • bypassing serious blocking and restrictions.

It is important to remember that in social networks there is serious control over the use of multi-accounts. This is due to the fact that no one can know for what purposes one user simultaneously applies a large number of profiles. For example, it is possible that a person may try to influence the opinion of another user, conduct illegal advertising or display false information about a product or service.

multi-account organization

What tasks are solved with the help of multi-accounting?

Having familiarized yourself with what a multi-account is, everyone should understand that this term means a tool, through the use of which one person gets a chance to manage several profiles on one resource. For social networks, it is convenient because through the use of such a method you can increase the coverage of the target audience. If we look at multi-accounting in poker or betting, it helps to get access to reuse additional bonuses and other incentives. But there are actually many more such solutions, as the possibilities of such a tool are versatile and wide.

Simultaneous work with several pages provides the likelihood of obtaining such benefits:

  • bypassing restrictions – in the case of blocking or restricting access to a particular resource from one page can be accessed through the use of another account;
  • improving the indicators of their own financial income – using multi-accounting, how to earn, not every user knows. With the simultaneous launch of several profiles opens the possibility of attracting more actual customers, which will lead to the expansion of the target audience. Increasing the audience will affect the number of purchases, and accordingly, the income. Arbitrageurs have a chance to increase income through the organization of affiliate networks and expansion of sites;
  • the possibility of providing simultaneous work in several geolocations – this is a suitable option for those who with the help of social networks, search engines want to run advertising aimed at attracting the attention of potential customers from around the world. When creating different profiles, you can try to play with the tax system, which is actively used in different countries. In specific cases, this helps to save on the payment of some tax fees;
  • realization of earnings on bonuses – receiving additional incentives in the form of bonuses for the registration procedure is provided on the sites of different bookmakers, online casinos and other resources. The presence of a huge number of profiles opens the chance to get a serious amount of additional bonuses.

Additionally, many users of the network apply multi-accounting in order to significantly increase their own performance.

How to organize a multi-account effectively and correctly?

When using multi-accounting, a person often encounters certain difficulties. Marketers, SMM and SEO specialists, linkers and arbitrageurs often face such a process, as they realize their activities directly on the Internet. On the part of the system, such actions are defined as illegal. For this purpose, different penalties are often applied, but the strictest will be a profile ban without the possibility of recovery in the future. Many people can fall into such a ban, but most often it is faced by forklists who actively work on the sites of bookmaker’s offices. The possibility of getting into the ban when launching global advertising campaigns is not excluded. Such multi-accounting cryptocurrency also leads to blocking for performing unauthorized actions.

For those who are first discovered in such multi-threading, initially the penalties will not be too severe. Specific information may be requested to confirm identity by some resources. If we consider the activity on the resources of bookmaker offices, then here they often reduce the actual payout odds or freeze the personal account for a while. Warning restrictions on the part of each site are created their own. If after the first punishment a person will be repeatedly seen in multi-accounting, then the usual blocking will follow without the right to restore in the future. To ensure effective and correct multi-accounting, it is necessary not only to use private mobile proxies, but also to follow some of the recommendations below.

How to hide multi-accounting from the system: tips and effective methods

If you want to hide the process of using a multi-account, first of all, you need to take care to remove absolutely all markers by which such activity is identified. To do this, you should use some recommendations.


When creating personal pages, it is important to use different payment cards, cell phone numbers, email and personal information each time.


It is important to learn how to use special anti-detect browsers. Their peculiarity is that they are able to automatically change the user’s fingerprint. This leads to the fact that the system performs the identification process as completely different users.


You should definitely use mobile proxies. This is a reliable, safe and proven method by which one can hide the actual IP address of a person online right with geolocation. Such proxies result in a person being identified as a customer who is operating from different corners of the world. At the same time, it is important to select a proxy responsibly in order to get a really decent and reliable option.


By following all of the above tips, it is possible to completely hide the use of multi-accounting for your own purposes. The main thing when performing such actions is not to forget about your own caution and accuracy.

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