Mobile proxies as the best choice for multi-accounting



During the process of multi-account registration (creating multiple user profiles) on a platform or service, various problems may arise, including account lockout or other restrictions. In this case, multi-accounting with mobile proxies may be an attempt to bypass security and hide the fact that multiple accounts have been created from the same device or network.

Proxy servers have the ability to change a user’s IP address to look like the IP address of another user or device, which can make multi-accounting difficult to detect. However, using a proxy for this purpose may violate the rules of the platform or service and may result in the blocking of all accounts created.

Why should you use a proxy when registering multi-accounting? – This article answers that question.

What is multi-accounting?

Multi-accounting is the ability to create and use several user accounts on the same platform or service. Multiple profiles can be used for different purposes. For example:

  • bypassing restrictions;
  • increasing the number of free privileges;
  • participating in contests or promotions from the same person.

However, many platforms and services prohibit multi-account registration due to potential misuse and abuse. Creating and using multiple accounts can result in the blocking of all accounts created and other restrictions.

How to avoid getting banned when registering a multi-account?

To avoid being blocked or banned when registering a multi-account, you should follow the rules and policies for using a particular platform or service. Here are some recommendations that can help you avoid negative consequences:


Before registering a multi-account, carefully review the rules for using the platform or service. Make sure that multi-accounting is not a prohibited practice.


Use different devices and mobile proxies for multi-accounting. This will help avoid detection of communication between accounts.


Distinguish between information. When creating multi-accounts, use different information such as email, phone number, username, etc. Do not use the same data for all accounts.


Do not use multi-accounts for abuse, spamming, cheating or other unscrupulous activities.


Follow the terms of use of the platform or service and do not violate them.


It is important to remember that many platforms and services monitor user activity and can detect multi-accounts. Therefore, it is recommended to be cautious and use private mobile proxies only in accordance with the rules and policies of a particular platform.

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Why use a proxy for multi-accounting?

The advantages of mobile proxies for multi-accounting are obvious. Such “intermediaries” help to hide the connection between different accounts and prevent blocking or banning by the platform or service.

Here are a few reasons why you need mobile proxies for multi-accounting:


An intermediary server allows you to hide your real IP address and use IP addresses from other geographical locations. This will avoid detection of communication between different accounts, as each account will be associated with a different IP address.


Some platforms or services may limit the number of accounts registered from one IP address. Using a proxy allows you to bypass these restrictions.


If one of your accounts has been blocked or banned, using a proxy will allow you to register a new account without the risk of linking it to a previous blocked account.


However, it should be remembered that the use of proxy servers may also be prohibited by some platforms or services, and in some cases it may violate their rules of use. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the policies of a particular platform or service before using proxies.

Why is it important to use specifically mobile proxies for multi-accounting?

Based on what can be the benefits of using mobile proxies for multi-accounting, make them a more preferable and favorable choice. The reasons for this decision are:


Mobile proxy servers provide unique mobile IP addresses that are often used by only one device at a time. This means that each account will be associated with a unique mobile IP address, reducing the risk of account linking and increasing anonymity.


Many platforms and services have strict policies to block standard proxy servers because of the potential for abuse and misuse. Mobile proxies usually have lower blocking levels because they represent more reliable and cleaner traffic sources.


Mobile IP addresses are more difficult to block than IP addresses used by ISPs. Mobile proxies typically have dynamic IP addresses that change each time they connect to the network, making them more difficult to track and block.


Many platforms and services have mobile applications that may be more sensitive to the use of standard proxy servers. Mobile proxies provide better compatibility with mobile applications and reduce the risk of blocking or malfunction.


In general, using mobile proxies for multi-accounting provides a higher level of anonymity, security and reliability, making them the preferred choice for this purpose.

Where can I purchase reliable mobile proxies?

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