How to change IP address on mobile proxy channel


how to change ipi through proxy

The process of any access to the Internet is necessarily associated with the use of a specific IP address. In this case, regardless of what device is connected to the World Wide Web, each of them has its own unique address. But often in practice there are situations when you need to make it so that it was invisible. To realize this process often arises a question related to how to change the IP address on the phone. Today there is more than one program to change the IP, but before that it is important to understand the peculiarities of the implementation of this process and why it is necessary in practice.

Why change the IP address on the phone?

When the question arises about why change the IP address, it is worth remembering that often such an action is performed in order to bypass regional blocking by the party. This provides an opportunity to gain access to those resources that were inaccessible. Among other reasons why you need to change the ipi through a proxy, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • running a web server on a smartphone;
  • using a mobile gadget as a video camera with Wi-Fi function;
  • the need for simultaneous use of files that work with an FTP server;
  • the need to access the corporate network;
  • running media servers on the devices.

Therefore, before dealing with how to change the IP on the phone, it is necessary to determine the expediency of performing this action.

How to change your IP address on Android?

When the question arises about how to quickly change the IP, it is necessary to understand the features of each of the existing methods. Among them stand out the following:

  • VPN services;
  • proxy servers;
  • TOR;
  • changing the IP address on a smartphone without programs.

Before you change the IP through a proxy, you need to separately understand the features of each of the above methods.

Using VPN services

When downloading files or watching videos on the Internet, a static public IP opens full access to information with the subsequent process of data registration on the part of the user. It is due to this that he has information about what sites are constantly visited and what is the actual location. To hide such information change the IP on android. Here it is important to remember that there are a certain number of mobile devices based on the Android system, which already have a built-in VPN. Therefore, to perform the change, you should perform the following actions:


On the mobile device, you need to go to “Settings”, where you will find the section labeled “Other Networks”. After that, you can go to the section labeled VPN. Often at this step, a password is required from the user’s side. If it is omitted, it will not be possible to perform the necessary manipulations later;


After selecting the connection method, you need to specify information such as password, user name, and server. You can obtain this information from your software provider;


If all settings have been made correctly, a message will be presented from the device that will provide information regarding the process of connecting to a specific country.


After performing all actions, a special icon should automatically appear on the control panel. If you click on it, you can familiarize yourself with the traffic speed and actual statistics. Therefore, when asking the question about whether it is possible to change IP address with the help of VPN, it can be unambiguously answered that it is not prohibited to perform this action.

How to change the ip address on your phone

Using proxy servers

Before checking the IP address of a proxy, it is necessary to understand that proxy servers are a unique technology, through which the real address of a technical device in the network is also changed. At the same time, there is a difference between VPN and proxy, because in the first variant there are certain settings in the Internet, in which a secure channel for communication is created. In this case, no one can join it later.

By means of a proxy server the process of redirecting traffic through the Internet or local network is carried out. If you need to perform certain settings on your own device with the Android operating system, initially you need to find a list of servers and only then proceed to the configuration.

To do this on the device, you need to go to the “Settings” section, where you can select “Wireless Networks”. After selecting a specific subnet you need to go to the “Advanced” section. To manually configure the proxy, you need to click on the section labeled “Manual” and independently prescribe the port and IP data. After completing the above steps, one clicks on the button labeled “Connect”.

Using TOR

Having understood how a proxy changes IP, it is worth considering such an element as TOR. It is a special decentralized network of servers, where the process of high-quality encryption of information takes place. To use TOR on your Android device, you should download a browser or other identical program.

In this case, TOR is unique in that it not only helps to change the actual ipi, but also provides reliable protection. The only disadvantage that has a program that changes ip address is resource-intensive. Therefore, you should not be surprised that when you use it, the battery charge will decrease faster.

Changing the IP address on a smartphone without programs

If the program that changes the ip address is not suitable or there is no possibility of downloading it, you can implement this process without using it. To do this, a certain sequence of actions is performed.


In the menu of the mobile device, you need to enter the “Settings” section, and then go to “Wi-Fi connection”.


Find a specific proxy server.


In the line that will contain the “IP address”, at the very end in the number after the one, you need to replace the digit with any other digit that is different from the one that is set.


Log in to your browser and click on the link.


Copy any of your favorite website addresses that are listed with anonymity.


Specify it instead of the ipi in the appropriate line.


It is important to make sure that the line labeled “Port” contains the value 8080.

Data protection when transmitting data via mobile proxies

Having understood what program changes the IP address and what other ways to implement this process can be considered, it is necessary to understand how information is protected. If you review the mobile proxies on the market today, the protection of information will consist of several stages.

  • Complete concealment of the IP address.
  • Providing protection from possible interception of information.
  • A chance to bypass regional restrictions.
  • Performing filtering of the traffic that is undesirable.

Recommendations for selecting and configuring a mobile proxy for IP address change

Having sorted out how to change IP every minute, it is worth understanding what parameters you need to look at when choosing mobile proxies. Among them stand out the following:

  • storage and logging of information;
  • placement of servers from a geographical point of view;
  • availability of uninterrupted technical support;
  • studying ratings and reviews of popular mobile proxies.


It is possible to ensure normal indicators of security and reliability of connection if you not only correctly approach the process of selecting mobile proxies, but also other methods used to promptly change the IP address. Only after that you can be sure that your information is completely safe.


1. How does changing the IP address on a mobile proxy channel affect user anonymity and security?

  • Changing your IP address through a mobile proxy channel can help hide your real location and identity from web servers and other online services. Periodically changing your IP address can help protect you from tracking and attacks that may target your vulnerable point on the network.

2. What restrictions and security measures should I consider when changing the IP address on a mobile proxy channel?

  • Limitations and security measures to consider when changing the IP address on a mobile proxy channel include data encryption, a trusted provider, server location, legal compliance, anti-virus protection, and exercising caution.

3. How can changing the IP address on a mobile proxy channel help bypass geographic blocking and filters?

  • Changing the IP address on a mobile proxy channel can help bypass geographic blocking and filters by circumventing geographic restrictions, price discrimination, filters and censorship.

4. How to check if the IP address has changed on Android?

  • There are several ways to check if the IP address on your Android device has changed. Among them, we can highlight the use of Wi-Fi settings, additional applications on the device and the command line.

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