What is a device fingerprint and how to change it


how to change the fingerprint

Fingerprint is a special identifier of different forms of web browsers, as well as “operative”. It is created on the basis of previously collected information by different tracking technologies. During this process, the usual control methods, such as IP addresses or personal cookie data, are not used.

How do I change the digits?

A web browser’s digit fingerprint is a 32-bit, 16-character number. It is made by processing the information that the browser has provided. Such a browser fingerprint gives a chance to follow users in the global network (accurately up to up to 95 percent).

Browser fingerprint substitution can be used to prevent fraudulent actions. An Internet user unknowingly can accidentally give information about themselves without requiring any consent. With the increasing number of information collected, an opinion about a person is created, which includes data on gender, age data, family, financial status, hobbies, hobbies, and so on. And who needs this?

You might think that such data are only superficial in nature, having no attachment to a particular person. True, it is only temporary. It is necessary only once the user somewhere to publish his valid information about the person, for example, even the surname, first name and patronymic, and then the phone number, e-mail address, and the browser fingerprint, which is already fixed by the computer will give organizations the opportunity to fully identify the person and thus make his formed account.

Most firms are interested in collecting, having and knowing as much information as possible about their users. By analyzing the activity of internet traffic participants as well as devices, web pages apply this information for their own purposes to create and provide marketing, say.

Additionally, vpn fingerprint can look for utilization for internal analysis. So, whatever the user does, (mouse clicks and the like) make it possible for developers to get feedback as well as see what the person paid attention to in the first place and then tweak internet platforms to maximize the effect.

Browser digital fingerprinting: enemy or ally?

To be safe from fingerprinting on the global web, there is a chance of applying a browser that is privacy-oriented. Ads Power is a trap-proof method to regulate multiple accounts. It enables people separate browser environments with different IP addresses, as well as zone-by-clock communication for any account by changing multiple devices with internet browser profiles. Ads Power “blocks” digital identity and confuses website scripts.

What are browser fingerprints applicable for?

The simplest options to check browser fingerprint apply as features:

  • IP address;
  • web browser version;
  • monitor resolution;
  • time zone; clock readings accurate to the millisecond; and a list of default fonts installed on the PC.

With the help of fingerprint computer, this list can be supplemented with data about the mouse, keyboard, microphone, video camera and multitouch support connected to the PC.

Small changes in some functions do not prevent the identification of a familiar user. He may use a different browser, move to a different time zone, or change the resolution, but unless he does all of these things at the same time, the likelihood of identification remains high. To solve this problem, mobile proxies can also be used.

Types of fingerprints and methods of control

Among the simplest browser-based fingerprints are worth highlighting:

  • User Agent (software, RAM, software options, and so on);
  • Web language (any);
  • time zone;
  • display dimensions, color indicators;
  • supported HTML parameters;
  • plugins, features;
  • fonts.

Most sites have integrated tools to check web browsers and user operativities. Based on the information collected, there is an original browser footprint. By making an analysis of all the data that could be obtained by the above mentioned methods, they are plused and a hash sum is obtained, which is the web browser fingerprint.


fingerprint spoofing

Steps for anonymity: how to hide your browser fingerprint?

VPN is considered the easiest and most effective method to bypass regional restrictions. Change your IP to the one provided by our service. However, it should be noted that VPN does not provide full protection from all trackers and does not affect the cookies already detected.

For a higher degree of anonymity, it is recommended to use high-quality channel VPNs that can provide reliable protection. Activate your VPN every time you switch to a new server for added security. Don’t skimp on the security of your internet connection.

A proxy server is a useful tool, but keep in mind that it does not encrypt user traffic. At our website you will find affordable proxies, another tool to keep you safe in the virtual space. And the price of lte proxy is available on our website.

How to change fingerprint manually

Manual changes can make your digital footprint less unique. Change the time zone of your device. Next, you need to set a different device RAM language, change the resolution of your PC monitor, change the scale of the website, install or remove browser plugins. You can resort to blocking the execution of Flash, JavaScript and WebGL methods, which is not very convenient when using the Internet.

Dedicated servers

The use of dedicated web servers can be considered one of the most effective options to maintain privacy. It is a separate physical installation. No information is transferred to your main computer.


  • HTTP or SOCKS proxy server settings on the SSH VPN connection of your choice;
  • history control;
  • rescue from attacks via Flash, Java, JavaScript if you use a remote browser.

Among the disadvantages, we can only mention the relatively high price.

The main reason for the popularity and effectiveness of this method is that such a virtual computer is completely new and clean for the Internet, works around the clock and does not transmit any information about the end user and the characteristics of his computer.

VPN programs and proxy servers

Struggling with trackers increases your vulnerability to fingerprinting. Have you uninstalled Flash? Well, now you’re a “lousy sheep.” You’re less than one percent, and you can’t come up with a more unique mark. You can just as easily hide on a city street with a false beard, dark glasses and a big hat. This is not a disguise, but an effective way to draw attention to yourself. Just install Tor and it’s as simple as that.

It’s hard to count on total victory over trackers, but you can still create the illusion of invisibility.

Apple’s Safari is no longer needed. The peculiarity is that cookies, local data storage and cache are not disabled even in incognito mode.

Chrome is a good browser, but really paranoid people should stay away from it. Google has never hidden that it collects and analyzes user information (monitoring in Chrome).

That leaves Firefox (monitoring in Firefox). It’s not without connections to Google and even pings it on installation, but what choice do we have?

Firefox has a built-in tracker blocker, but it’s disabled by default. To enable it, you need to open the hidden settings (about:config) and enable the property.

Check your browser for Fingerprint

Tracking-protected browsers can provide privacy. Browsers such as AdsPower, Multilogin, and Linken Sphere guarantee anonymity by replacing data and unifying the user’s digital footprint, leaving minimal traces online. For example, in AdsPower you can conveniently change the above fingerprints:

Getting started with AdsPower is easy. Register with your email and download the program to your computer. Then select one of the packages and set up a proxy to get started. Additional tutorials can be viewed on the AdsPower website.


how to hide the browser fingerprint

Summary: Ensuring security in the digital world

The modern global network collects a huge database about every person who just appears on the “web”. The Internet community actively creates and promotes various online privacy tools that, on the one hand, protect against fraudsters, and on the other hand, help to circumvent the rules applicable to advertisers.

Browser fingerprint swapping as well as VPNs allow saving money on services that offer different prices for their products in different geographical locations, while multi-profile platforms allow organizing and efficiently managing a large number of accounts at the same time.

In addition, anti-detection browsers are also a reliable tool, and its effective use fully justifies the investment, allowing you to earn many times more.


  • What is Browser Fingerprint?

Browser fingerprint (digital fingerprint) is a unique digital characteristic of your browser, which is created based on various parameters and settings of your device and browser. It is used to identify and track users online.

  • How to change Fingerprint?

Changing a browser’s fingerprint usually involves the use of special extensions or tools, such as browser fingerprint managers, that change or hide the browser’s unique settings, making it less identifiable.

  • How to hide your browser fingerprint?

To hide your browser fingerprint, you can use tools and extensions such as browser fingerprint managers or VPNs or proxy services that mask your digital identity, making you less identifiable online.

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