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When a user is browsing on rental or real estate search sites he may notice a Google map with a point that will show where he is located. Or when during online shopping payments are made with the help of any payment service and in other cases all this is possible with the help of integration between services and applications. Most often they are realized with the help of API, which allows you to quickly accomplish everything.

What is API and integration by API?

Integration of services by API translates as “description of the ways in which computer programs interact”. Api integration is a functionality that allows different services to share information and even interact with each other. Integration using this functionality involves connecting one service or application with other vivid ones. Among the api use cases can be:


Connection of payment systems.


Adding a weather widget.


Interaction of electronic document management with exchange services.


Integration of portals by a system that collects user data and transmits it to the CMR.


Interacting with artificial intelligence to create product descriptions.


There are a lot of opportunities to use such interaction. And with its help everyone can get access to the capabilities of other portals or services.

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How using APIs can help your business

For modern online store owners, it is very important to have not only a wide range of products, but also to offer users a comfortable platform. The basic requirements include loading speed and a convenient structure. But besides them, you need to take care of a wide choice of payment methods. It is also possible to leave your contact details. To realize these features, you can choose to integrate api to the site.

Monitoring and analyzing metrics

With the help of integration, you can realize the function of moving customer data. It allows you to move information about all purchases to any software that can be used for further analysis. You can export the data to a CRM system. It is also possible to track portal indicators, the amount of traffic. In addition, it is possible to highlight the popularity of individual products and all this can be done in just a few clicks.

User registration

Registration and authorization of customers takes an important place in every online store. By ordering api integration it is possible to provide data export. But it is also possible to join Google or social networks for authorization. In this way it is possible to provide users with quick registration using data that was previously entered on other services. This greatly speeds up the creation of a personal account and more data is provided for owners for marketing activities.

Effective promotion

In order to ensure proper and effective promotion, a number of metrics need to be collected in order to find effective solutions. Thanks to the API, it is possible to link the service to a system that will allow you to track statistics and form successful marketing strategies based on the data obtained.

Quick access to data

The use of api provides the opportunity to customize the display of all the necessary information from the site. This can be Instagram, mail, incoming calls from customers and much more.

Automatic payment acceptance

For the convenience of users and portal owners, you can attach the integration from your bank. This opens up the possibility of setting up automatic billing. This way, customers can quickly pay for the order. If necessary, you can use the integration with the bank, which will provide the opportunity to connect payment in installments.

Working with marketplaces

For owners who work with marketplaces, there is often a question of how to quickly manage the balance of goods and not lose sales. Integration via API allows you to connect several services for automatic management mode.

How to learn how to integrate APIs?

In designing and creating functionality for portals, integration is an important part. Before you do, you need to know what ari integration is and what it is. It opens the possibility for interaction with various services and resources, providing easy data exchange, extending functionality with the help of ready-made tools. Successful integration will help portal owners to solve many tasks and ensure the flow of data. It will help to significantly improve operational efficiency and automate processes, thereby improving the user experience. In order to learn how to integrate APIs you need to choose the right one to start with – this is an important task for every professional developer. Also important is confident ownership of integrations with online stores that ensure effective interaction between systems.

How to choose the right API proxy for integrations

Choosing the right API integration proxy is an important issue for all developers and companies that need an efficient system for data transfer. There are many types of services that provide proxies to ensure scalable and secure information exchange. The role of proxy server is very important and in order to choose the right service it is important to determine what kind of service is required. For example, mobile proxies are needed to adapt to different gadgets. There are several types with characteristic features:

  • HTTP – can be chosen in cases where only communication via different protocols is required.
  • SOCKS – allows you to transmit any type of network traffic. It can provide secure interaction between the portal and the client.

Also when choosing it is worth paying attention to the location of servers. Since if the site is adapted to certain geographical data, it is necessary to choose proxies with servers that are closest to the site. In this way, you can significantly reduce delays during data transfer and increase the performance of the integration.

Professional api integration with online store

Before integrating api with an online store every owner should carefully plan and analyze everything. First of all, it is necessary to define all tasks and goals. It is important to consider what functions and data are necessary for the interaction of the online store with the API. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a server that will help in the development and realization of all the necessary functions. Also, it will be necessary to take care of a special integration code that will help ensure synchronization between systems.

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Is it possible to create an API?

It may take some effort to create an API. Inexperienced users without much knowledge and prudence may not always be able to create a new product. Since it requires a number of steps that must be carefully considered.

Stages and tools to get started?

To begin with, you need to take care of the API plan. OpenAPI can help in this, which provides a framework for development. Next, you need to create a prototype of the API. This can be done with the help of special template codes. The prototype can be tested to customize it according to all specifications. Pre-testing allows you to detect errors and defects, for further elimination. Also, there are tools that test the API for resistance to cyberattacks.

For increased convenience, documentation is used, which also offers a number of features. Once the API is finalized, it can be brought to the online marketplace. Amazon is considered an excellent option for trading such integrations. Paid proxy api that can be found on this site are fully ready and only rarely require tweaking. The cost of lte proxies depends on their capabilities.

What are the advantages and features of creating an API?

Creating an api for a company can ensure that the work is well organized. Such integration can be used to provide services, while other employees will not access it without special authorization. The amount of repetitive codes needed for applications can also be greatly reduced. It can be used to create a more secure environment for users. Since only certain people will have access to the data.

API Integration Examples: From Simple to Complex

API integration can be either simple or complex. It all depends on the problem that needs to be solved. Some of the main examples include:


Simple API – when a person needs to put a weather widget on the site. It is possible to get actual data from external sources.


Authorization and authentication – this integration allows you to establish a secure user experience. Owners can store information about their customers and verify their data.


Payments – a more sophisticated interaction that will allow you to automatically accept payments from customers. A sophisticated API allows you to accept funds via bank cards, e-wallets and various online services.


All these integrations provide convenience and functionality for users. It is important to plan integrations carefully to ensure stable operation.

New vectors of Proxy API development in the future

Proxy api is considered to be one of the most demanded technologies in the field of information security. To date, such a service may have some limitations and shortcomings that prevent it from unlocking its full potential. But in the future proxy service api will be more transformative. Since new vectors of development do not stand still and are actively researched, which affects a significant improvement and the emergence of new opportunities.

One of the main directions in development is considered to be the expansion of functionality. Also, developers are working on increasing speed and performance. In the future development of proxy api will put a great emphasis on improving performance, so that every user can get fast and smooth access to services.

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