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Proxifier belongs to the category of tools that can be used to make software work with proxy servers that they have not worked with before. The lack of support in Russian language often causes difficulties when making settings. Through the use of this tool there is a chance to get anonymity not only on the Internet, but also on the entire device. It is only worthwhile to properly configure Proxyfire for further use.

A detailed guide to setting up a proxy in Proxifier

Considering such a tool as Proxifier, what this program is, not everyone knows. Here it is important to understand that through its use it is possible to ensure the smooth operation of various software with those proxies with which the work has not been realized before. But for this purpose it is important to perform the correct configuration, which will consist of a specific algorithm of actions.


In the first step, go to the “Profile” section and open the tab labeled “Proxy Server”.


In the window that opens, click on the “Add” button.


Next, it is important to specify specific data from the proxy in the field labeled “Address”. Be sure to select the supported protocol for HTTPS or SOCKS.


If you use it with password and login authorization, you should check the “Enable” box.


Leave the “Options” section unchanged and click on OK.


If proxy installation has never been performed before, the program will first ask you to do the installation and proxy your personal computer.


A health check will be performed by clicking on the button labeled “Check” before adding the proxy.

Having correctly completed all of the above steps, Proxifier setup is considered complete.


proxy configuration in Proxifier

Tips on choosing a proxy for Proxifier

When there is a need to choose private mobile proxies for Proxifier, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the main selection criteria. Among them, the following are distinguished:

  • speed – the higher this indicator will be, the faster the operations will be performed by the user;
  • security – it is important to make sure that the proxy uses reliable encryption methods to ensure maximum privacy for users;
  • reliability – it is important to make sure that the proxy will not stop working after a certain period of time;
  • location – the closer the location is to the user, the faster requests will be processed.

At the last stage, the cost is allocated, which will depend on the presence or absence of the above criteria.

Where to buy reliable proxies?

It is possible to purchase a high-quality, reliable and safe proxy for Proxyfire on the official website of our company. Here you can find a wide range of different options with an affordable price policy for every potential client who needs an effective tool.

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