Why can’t resident proxies be used?


what are resident proxies

Nowadays, dedic and resident proxies are exactly the concepts that are frequently encountered. The use of such technologies will help to significantly increase the efficiency and security of using the Internet. Need to know what a dedic and how to use it or what are resident proxies?

What is a dedic and resident proxies?

A dedic is a special physical server that has certain resources. But how to use a dedic? A special server is formed behind the request. It is there that specific information is automatically stored, which is available only to one user. Basically, dedic is used for large amounts of data storage and information processing. Resident proxies are intermediaries between the user and sites. They use an IP address that is provided by the provider. They allow you to choose your own location and country.

How are resident proxies used?

The principle of operation is quite simple. Resident proxies with rotation is engaged in directing traffic on the Internet through an intermediary. This proxy is able to assign you another address. It is through him that all requests are directed. In some proxy variants, the user can save the received address for a certain amount of time.

what a dedicator is and how to use it safely.

Dedicts, resident proxies and their impact on security

It is very important to realize that resident proxies and dedicas have their own impact on security. This impact may differ depending on the characteristics of the two systems.

Risk of personal data leakage

Dedicas enable the user to provide a high level of control over their server. It is this approach that significantly reduces the risk of data leakage. But also, dedicas are often targeted by various attacks, which can be the cause of a leak. As a counterbalance, proxies do not provide a sufficient level of control to users. Clearly, this has a negative impact on leakage statistics.

Support for malicious behavior

Dedicas have a high level of anonymity, because they give the user full control. But they should not be used to store illegal content, because this will lead to serious legal consequences. Resident proxies in most cases are useful for bypassing blocking. However, there is an application for phishing and fraud.

Problems with analytics in advertising

Using dedicas and resident proxies for the purpose of advertising leads to possible blocking. The fact is that the system considers requests and activities highly suspicious. This also negatively affects the rating and quality of advertising campaigns.

Hidden price monitoring

Websites and online stores are likely to block IP addresses from which the monitoring takes place. This is what will reduce the effectiveness of such activities and lead to negative consequences. Also, while collecting price data using dedicas or proxies, there is a risk of confidential information leakage.

What should be considered when choosing secure proxies?

There are several factors that should influence the choice:

  • speed – it should be high, for high efficiency;
  • security – you need to make sure there is quality encryption;
  • reliability – it is a matter of proxy quality;
  • cost.

Thus, you will be able to choose the most effective proxy option.


All private mobile proxies play quite an important role for our activities and on the internet. However, all of them have their own features that affect their functionality. In any case, it is important to know the rules of selecting such a system.

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