How can you pay
for mobile proxies
If you want to pay by Visa/Mastercard, please use the button below. Fee is 2.5%.
To get the amount to pay and the transfer details please contact us via Telegram @ltesocks
How to buy?
  • please contact us via Telegram @ltesocks
  • we will consult you about available GEOs, traffic packages and price
  • you can use free trial up to 2 hrs if necessary (*subject of availability)
  • we will agree with you convenient payment methods. After payment you will receive access to the proxy dashboard
Payments and refunds
Service activation is carried out within 1 hour (from 9:00 to 22:00 GMT+02). If payment for the service is received outside of business hours, the activation of the service will be performed on the next business day.
Activation of the service after payment is carried out by providing access to the Dashboard and issuing proxy ports according to the order. Please notify us about the payment using one of the methods specified in the Contacts section.
Refunds are possible within 1 hour from the moment of payment, if the volume of traffic on the port does not exceed 50 megabytes.
Service agreement
Public service agreement is located here: service agreement
Unable to pay?
Do not worry! Please contact us and we will settle it out :)
Legal information
  • PE Fedorchenko R.M. tax number 3126704479
  • post address 08619, Ukraine, Lypoviy Skytok, Cooperatyvna 70
  • tel: 380638315630