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как определить использования прокси и ВПН

In practice, the question of how to define a VPN often arises. For this purpose, special tools are provided, the variety of which is quite large, but among them there are those that have a wide functionality. They are in great demand among users. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the features of each of them and choose those services for determining the use of proxies and VPNs that will actually be useful.

Why do I need to determine proxy and VPN usage?

Such a tool as mobile proxies is used to solve quite a large number of tasks. Among the most common stand out the following:


privacy and anonymity – often Internet users use them to hide their real ip address and their own data while browsing the web;


The probability of bypassing blocking is a proven chance to gain access to those web resources that are often blocked in workplaces or countries with strict censorship;


Increased security indicators – through their use, attacks are prevented and dangerous traffic can be filtered, which will be reflected in the stability of the system;


optimization of network activity indicators – proxies are often used to cache resources on the Internet;


Parsing and collecting information – this allows you to realize competitor analysis and perform market research;


the chance to work with a large number of accounts at the same time;


protection of own information when realizing work in public wi-fi networks.


Therefore, sites to determine the VPN address for PC allow you to identify those users who systematically use proxies.

Overview of popular services for identifying proxy and VPN usage

Before determining the use of proxies and VPNs, it is worthwhile to perform a review of popular services that will help to realize this process. Among them, the following are in demand:

  • SEON;
  • MaxMind;
  • IPQualityScore;
  • IPHub;
  • GeoGuard;
  • IP2Proxy;
  • AbuseIPDB;
  • GetIPIntel;
  • Spur;
  • WhatIsMyIP;
  • IPHunter;
  • ProxyCheck;
  • CriminalIP.

Each of the presented services has its own undeniable advantages, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the features of some of them in order to make the right choice.


Among the popular services, SEON deserves special attention, as it is capable of detecting elements of online fraud and other activities. Its advantages include the following:

  • performance of the most accurate analysis of ip addresses;
  • the ability to monitor in real time;
  • behavioral analysis;
  • simultaneous integration with different tools;
  • ease of implementation.


Among the leading services stand out MaxMind, which uses secure methods for detection. Among the pros are the following:

  • accurate geolocation of the device being detected;
  • obtaining detailed information about the detected address;
  • prevention of fraudulent actions;
  • the possibility of personalization;
  • simple and clear integration procedure;
  • support for mobile devices.

Considering sites for determining the VPN address in Ukraine, a popular tool stands out. It is in great demand among customers due to such pluses:

The probability of determining personal information;

  • determination of all output nodes and the proxy itself;
  • detailed analysis of possible threats;
  • ease of integration;
  • full compliance with all regulatory requirements for information protection.


It is possible to perform a qualitative assessment of fraud with the help of IPQualityScore resource, which offers the following advantages to the user:

  • Serious fraud risk mitigation;
  • Conducting reputation analysis;
  • obtaining geolocation information;
  • Conducting a thorough email audit;
  • support for mobile applications.


Among the best resources for integration with other tools aimed at ensuring the protection of human information from the impact of spam, GeoGuard stands out. For its customers, it provides such pluses:

  • determination of the most accurate geolocation;
  • full compliance with all requirements and regulations;
  • support for various mobile applications;
  • prevention of the fraud process;
  • real-time monitoring capability.


If we consider sites for determining the VPN address for free, then among them we can highlight AbuseIPDB, with the help of which promptly identify abusive IPs. The advantages of such a tool include:

  • conducting the most thorough reputation analysis;
  • the evaluation system is customizable;
  • monitoring of all blacklists;
  • availability of a convenient reporting system;
  • integration with various API interfaces.

In practice, there are other no less successful tools that can be used to detect VPNs and proxies. Each of them has its own features that should be taken into account at the selection stage. Later it has a positive effect on the efficiency of searching and detecting VPNs and proxies.

How to choose the best service for your task?

When you need to choose a site to determine a proxy address, first of all you should pay attention not only to the type of service, but also to other criteria that will help you make the right choice. These include the following:

  • the presence of advanced security features;
  • checking the policy of non-saving logs;
  • widespread use all over the world;
  • good speed;
  • availability of ways to bypass censorship and use for streaming and torrenting;
  • the choice should be made in favor of a favorable service to which several devices are connected simultaneously.

Therefore, choosing sites to determine the VPN address in Ukraine for free, it is important to be guided by the above criteria.

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